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Request: Anna/Ruby, BDSM, Mistress/Slave, anal play, gagging, orgasm delay/denial
Ruby is usually a good girl for Mistress Anna, especially once she's got her collar on but sometimes it's just too tempting to disobey her orders.

Ruby just happened to pick a bad night for giving in though, this night is when Anna was really hoping for Ruby to be a bad girl so she could train her on what makes a good slave - and good god is she going to enjoy what she puts Ruby through.
:spn  fps  pairing:ruby/anna  bdsm  D/s  analplay  gagging  orgasmdenial  collars/leashes 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Wincest or Sam/OC, vibrator, cock ring, orgasm denial, humiliation, public exhibition
Sam was having some fun with a secret vibrator and cock ring he bought, when Dean barged in. Dean didn't see anything because Sam was quick with covers, but he demanded they hurry up to go investigate a case and wouldn't even leave the room to let Sam get dressed in private and remove his toys without Dean seeing. So Sam, with a long thick vibrator still very huge in his wet little hole and a cock ring on his swollen leaking dick, has to get dressed without Dean seeing it, go ride to the case in the car (on a VERY bumpy road, mind you), go talk to witnesses, and then go hunt, all with this thing still in his hole and vibrating away and him unable to cum from it, just fidgeting helplessly. Give that poor boy some relief in the end - either the monster fucks him, or Dean does, with lots of teasing about Sammy turning out to have such a kinky side.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sam/omc(s)  kink:vibrators  cockring  orgasmdenial  humiliation  exhibitionism  toys 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Cas/Dean, dubious consent, manipulation, eventual cockslut Cas, edging, orgasm control
Dean and Cas a friends that finally admit they like each other. Both of them have topped in previous relationships but Dean really want's Cas to beg for his cock. They 69 and Dean gets Cas to come while he's filling up Cas mouth though he doesn't let Cas come in his mouth and talks about how he knew Cas loves his cock. From then on it becomes apparent that Dean will only get Cas off when Dean is coming too and if Cas doesn't come then Dean edges him until Dean can get hard again and gives Cas another chance to come on Dean's cock.

After awhile Cas embraces Dean's "kink", he can come on Dean's cock, loves getting his face fucked and gets really worked up by Dean coming on Cas etc. and if Cas doesn't get to come sometimes that's okay too, he'll just be sure to earn it next time.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  dubcon  manipulation  cockslut!Cas  orgasmdenial 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: John/Sam, begging, orgasm denial
John's favourite sound has always been Sam begging, desperate to come, and willing to do anything, if only John will let him come.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/john  begging  orgasmdenial 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, a/b/o, cock cages, orgasm denial, castration
Traditional alpha Cas keeps his new, teenage omega Dean in a cock cage because traditional alphas don't approve of allowing omegas to masturbate or have orgasms outside of the prostate orgasms they give them. But since Dean grew up non-traditionally, he's desperate to jerk off, so he picks the lock on his cage. But Cas catches him in the act, so he decides to have Dean castrated so that Dean's cock won't be able to get hard anymore and he'll lose interest in touching himself. Would love it if afterwards, Cas does something to really drive home the fact that Dean's cock has been rendered impotent.

Would prefer Dean between the ages of 13-16. Other kinks are totally welcome, feel free to add whatever. Please don't reprompt with character changes.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  cockcage  orgasmdenial  castration  alpha/beta/omega  au 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: JMDV, bdsm, humiliation, voyeurism, aftercare, cunnilingus, orgasm denial
The four of them have had some fun together a few times but this is the first time Misha tells Jensen and Danneel that sometimes he likes to be humiliated. It's the first time they bring bdsm into their fun time. Everything goes smoothly except Jensen cant bring himself to humiliate to degrade Misha even though he can see how much Misha likes it. So he watches and directs, lets the ladies have fun with their toy and once the do Jensen comes in and fucks Misha good and hard. Misha isn't allowed to come.

After they all take care of Misha, help him calm down and relax and press gentle kisses all over him. Then Misha uses Jensen as a teddy bear while he takes a nap and Vicky and Danneel go out and make dinner.
:spn  rps  pairing:jensen/misha/danneel/vicki  bdsm  humiliation  voyeur  aftercare  orgasmdenial 
march 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, alpha/omega, orgasm denial, cock cages, castration
Alpha!Castiel, omega!Dean

Like all omegas, Dean became available for mate selection as soon as he turned 18 years old. Immediately, he was chosen by Castiel, a somewhat traditional alpha in his mid-thirties. For months, Castiel has been training Dean to only show sexual responses that are "proper" for omegas, trying to get Dean to respond to him with a wet pussy and slick ass instead of a hard little omega cock, as a proper omega's cock should be small and flaccid at all times and a proper omega should only ever have dry orgasms. Cas believes that with training Dean will learn to enjoy sex like a good omega and will soon forget all about his cock, but Dean resists the training from the get go, hating how unsatisfying dry orgasms feel compared to the ones he gets from his cock. Cas has had no choice but to keep Dean's cock caged to train him, but despite the cage, Dean's cock continues to stubbornly harden nearly every time and Dean keeps trying to touch it.

Fed up, Cas decides to have Dean castrated so his body will lose the ability to get erections and Dean will lose interest in it. Castrating omegas is seen as a perfectly normal and legal thing for an alpha to do, but it's considered very old-fashioned, since liberal alphas either think omegas can learn to stay flaccid without resorting to such methods or don't even mind omegas getting hard. Cas, however, is not a liberal alpha and doesn't care if his omega's nutless crotch shows that he's traditional as long as Dean's cock stays soft and he starts responding to Cas's training.

I'd love to see a castration scene with Cas comforting Dean through it, insisting despite Dean's protests that it's for Dean's own good and that Dean will be a better and happier omega without his balls. I'd also love to see Dean's progress in his training post-castration, like how well he responds to Cas in the ways that Cas expects of a "proper" omega.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  alpha/beta/omega  orgasmdenial  cockcage  castration  au  alpha!Castiel  omega!Dean  bottom!Dean  top!Castiel 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/Cas or Sam/Cas, orgasm denial, angel powers, cursed Sam or Dean
I'll use Dean for this but feel free to switch to Sam.

Dean gets hit with a curse that makes him extremely horny. As the hours and days pass, it gets worse - soon the most trivial and unsexy of things threaten to get him off. He wants to come so bad, to just drop his pants and jerk off anywhere and everywhere but the curse is set up so that if he comes before it runs its course, he'll die.

He gets so desperate though that he starts not to care. Short of tying him to the bed - which might just make it worse - the only option is for Cas to intervene. Using his powers, he can sense when Dean is trying to come and uses his Grace to intervene and break Dean's orgasm before it can finish. Dean knows Sam and Cas are trying to protect him, but it hurts so bad - he wants to come so much and each time Cas's Grace shuts him down.

By the time the curse is over, he's weak, angry and feeling vulnerable. Once Cas confirms that Dean's safe, the angel takes Dean to his room and uses his Grace to make him come harder than he's ever done in his entire life.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/castiel  orgasmdenial  curse/spell  cursed!Sam  cursed!Dean 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: MC/Dean, master/slave, orgasm denial, castration, non-con body modification, cockcage
Monsters ruling over humans AU

It's a special day. Dean, the MC's teenage human pet (bed slave), has finally reached the last stage of his training. After a year kept in a cock cage, being trained to give pleasure without expecting to receive any, Dean is ready to go through the final stage: having his cock and balls removed. His master hires the best doctor to do the job, and after Dean heals from it the MC throws a party to show off Dean's newly-castrated body to all of his friends. MC ends the celebratory evening with Dean pleasuring him, enjoying how nice Dean looks and feels after his emasculation and how well-trained he is at providing pleasure.

Dean should be either fifteen or sixteen. Up to anon if Dean knows ahead of time that he's going to be castrated or if his master waits until the last minute to drop that bomb on him, but I'd prefer if Dean doesn't feel any body horror over it.

Preferred Male Characters: Alastair, YED, Crowley, Benny, Castiel, or Michael. Basically, any MC who isn't human in the series.

+1000 if the castration is written in detail (since it's my favorite of the listed kinks~)
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/omc(s)  orgasmdenial  castration  noncon  bodymodification  cockcage  toys  au  slave  fps 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: Sam/Dean, Cursed, Fuck or Die, Orgasm Denial
Sam gets cursed to be unbearably horny without relief. It's torturous and when he was cursed he was told the only way to break it was Dean. (Whether that's a handjob or sex or whatever) But neither boys have had any sexual thoughts for the other. They're completely platonic brothers and the idea is horrifying. So Sam suffers in silence for days but Dean notices and demands to know what the hell's
wrong with him. Sam breaks and tells him and Dean although pissed, grossed out, and embarrassed will do anything for his brother.

Basically gen fuck or die. With awkward humiliating sex which they both agree to never speak of afterwards.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  curse/spell  fuckordie  orgasmdenial 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: A/B/O, Alpha!Dean, Omega!Sam, Spanking, submissiveness, dom/sub, orgasm denial, aftercare
sweet, slow sex afterwards

A submissive Omega is a happy Omega. So when Sam starts acting out a few months after Dean finally mated him he knows something's up with his mate. At first he doesn't want to punish him for disobeying orders, mate or not he is still his little brother and partner when it comes to hunting. But as soon as Sam disobeys an order while hunting a (whatever monster you want) he takes his little brother home and shows him who is the Alpha and the Omega better listen to. Dean is going to protect him, even from himself.

On Sam's part, he was disobeying Dean to get attention and now he has it.
:spn  fps  alpha!Dean  omega!Sam  spanking  sub!Sam  d/s  orgasmdenial 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Jensen/Misha, bdsm, orgasm denial, praise!kink
None of this has to be included in the story but the relationships are that Jensen is a switch with Danneel while Misha is Vicki's sub.

Misha has been really stressed out with very little time if any for play because even when he goes home there are the kids to take care of, Vicki's new book, Random Acts etc. this weekend he's going to a con after filming instead of home, he can't get Cas out of his head after work and everything is unraveling.

Jensen notices and invites him to his trailer for drinks. Misha gets a little too drunk and just vents to Jensen, they eventually end up with Misha on the floor, his head resting on Jensen's thigh while Jensen pets him.

Over the next day they talk with their wives and Jensen agrees to scene with Mish and be his temporary Dom. It's not a super intense scene but as it goes on Misha's voice lifts from Cas' deep gravel into a high needy whine that goes straight to Jensen's cock. The scene went to very domestic to Misha touching himself only and edging himself but now Jensen wants to touch, he didn't expect that.
:spn  rps  pairing:jensen/misha  praisekink  orgasmdenial  bdsm  pairing:jensen/danneel  pairing:misha/vicki 
august 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Sam/Dean Cursed!Sam, Sensory Dep, D/s, Oragasm Control
Sam is cursed, either a hunt gone wrong or he happen to piss off the wrong person.. It's not a fatal curse but it's humiliating. Sam can't feel his arousal, he can't tell when he's hard and it doesn't go away until he's had an orgasm. It sounds easy right?

The first time he realizes that his brain and sense of touch are still intact is when he gets a random random hard-on in some place public, trying to take care of it in the bathroom is when he realizes that he can't feel himself jerking his cock. It's like watching someone else jerking off but nothing is happening, Sam knows it's his hand, his cock..but he doesn't feel it.

It won't go away either, not with an ice pack or Dean's relentless teasing. Finally in near tears, desperation and pain because he can feel that when he's been hard for over 24 hours, Dean steps in to help and Sam instantly feels Dean's hand on his cock.

How or if the curse is lifted is up to the writer, how long Sam lives with it is also up to the writer but I would love to see Dean getting off on realizing that he's fully in charge of Sam's cock, maybe he puts Sam in a cock cage to stop the unwanted tenting of his pants and he explores how many ways he can make Sam orgasm without touching Sam's cock.

Bonus points for Dean exploring what secretly sets Sam off because at this point Sam has no control of his body, he can't stop his arousal from showing with every dirty arousal that he would never tell in a million years to anyone alive, especially not Dean.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  cursed!Sam  curse/spell  sensorydeprivation  orgasmdenial  D/s 
august 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: ???/Dean, D/s, bottom!dean, coming untouched, orgasm denial, desperation
Sub!Dean is in a relationship with a Dom of author's choice. Dean isn't allowed to touch his own cock or rut against anything, and the Dom never touches Dean's cock and doesn't even really pay any attention to it - if Dean wants to come, he has to come while untouched, but it's difficult for him to learn how. He lays in bed a lot of nights with a raging hard-on and sexually frustrated after the Dom fucks him. Sometimes the Dom takes pity on Dean and allows him to use toys in an attempt to get himself to come (once again, not allowing Dean to touch his own cock or get any friction by humping anything - he has to come completely untouched). I'd love a scene with Dean desperately riding a dildo for at least half an hour in an attempt to come while the Dom watches (up to author if Dean eventually comes or not). Bonus if the Dom refers to Dean's ass as his pussy and talks dirty to him while Dean desperately works away with the dildo.
:spn  pairing:dean/any  D/s  cominguntouched  orgasmdenial  desperation  fps 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: J3, abo, dubcon, dp, dehumanisation
Soon to be married Alphas, Jensen and JDM, have searched for months for the perfect omega to spend their ruts with. Growing desperate, they try the public auctions.
Jared, previously a star attraction at a now bankrupt omega brothel, is being sold to pay off the brothel's debts. He's a little more used than they were really looking for, but JDM and Jensen are intrigued by the skills listed on the auction sheet.
Once home, they clean Jared, inside and out, then test his skills.

Alphas experience overwhelming ruts, omegas mild heats. Alphas consider omegas to be somewhere between dependent and service pet.

A/b/o, non/dub con, slavery, prostitution, dehumanisation, double penetration, knotting, cum inflation, collars, enemas, piercings, forced orgasm/denial, sex toys, chastity devices, cockwarming, facefucking, marking
:spn  rps  au  pairing:jared/jensen/jdm  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!Jensen  alpha!jdm  omega!Jared  dubcon  slave  prostitution  dehumanization  doublepenetration  knotting  comeinflation  enema  piercing  forcedorgasm  orgasmdenial  toys  chastitydevice  chastity  cockwarming  facefucking  threesome  marking  collars/leashes 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
John or Sam/Dean, Bondage Toys
John and/or Sam using bondage gear and toys on Dean. Cuffs, collars, cockrings, nipple clamps, gags, spreader bars, etc. Bonuses for overstimulation, orgasm denial and any additional kinks.

Non-, dub-, and consensual all good.
kink:orgasm-control  pairing:sam/dean  toys  bondage  orgasmdenial  restraints  :spn  pairing:dean/john 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Dean/Sam, gagging
Fully submissive Sam wearing a gag 24/7 for whatever reason. Maybe Dean just wants to keep his mouth open for easy fucking. Toys, orgasm denial, any other kinks encouraged. Anything goes, but no underage/scat.
kink:sub!sam  kink:orgasm-control  pairing:sam/dean  toys  gags  orgasmdenial  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Jared/Jensen OR Sam/Dean, Jensen/Dean caught posting to the kink meme
This is inspired by a prompt that turned up on blindfold_spn:

Can be Sam/Dean or J2, it's up to the author (but the requester prefers Sam/Dean). Jensen/Dean is caught by Jared/Sam posting a request to this comm, along the lines of: D/S, toppy!Sam/Jared, Dean/Jensen is used as a sex toy.
Hot sexing ensues.

Bonus points for non-established relationship (eg: first time), use of cock rings, Sam/Jared controlling when Dean/Jensen is allowed to come, general humiliation - go wild XD
kink:orgasm-control  pairing:sam/dean  rps  toys  firsttime  pairing:jared/jensen  bottom!Dean  bottom!Jensen  humiliation  orgasmdenial  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen

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