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Love! Slash! Angst! - Fic, "Decorum", 1/2 (A Kink-Bingo Prompt)
Summary: A gentleman knows how to behave in public. The only thing “stiff” should be his upper lip. Fortunately, Holmes is only a gentleman when it suits him.

AO3 link:
word count: 9,000
johnwatson  holmes/watson  angst  masturbation  author:loveslashangst  canon-era  book-verse  fanfiction  fic  adult  nc-17  orgasm-denial  established-relationship  slash  to-read  sherlockholmes 
march 2012 by jumpmybones
Corporal Reward (COMPLETE)
Arthur/Merlin -
age difference, Dom!Merlin/sub!Arthur

Boarding school headmaster Merlin has been eagerly watching the security camera images of Arthur Pendragon being fucked by his classmates - the one of him begging to be used by Percival's huge cock was particularly stimulating - and waiting for him to turn 18, so he can take on his training personally.
*posted  complete  orgasm-denial  dub-con  humiliation  age-disparity  consensual.restraint  gang.bang 
february 2012 by mxa_news
Sweet With Him
Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Others where others are anyone

College/uni AU where Merlin is a freshman and Arthur and the gang are frat boys. They all like Merlin, but they can't just accept him, he must be 'initiated.' Merlin is on board with this plan, Arthur who knows what it implies tries to stop it, but it happens anyway.

Boys' night in where Merlin is the main dish (he loves it). Orgasm denial, cockrings, lots of toys, the boys taking turns on stimulating or 'sampling' him with Arthur reluctantly but jealously watching from the sidelines. Finally they ask Merlin whom he would choose to finish with, he says Arthur. Arthur snaps.
*posted  complete  merlin/other  roleplay  hazing  voyeurism  gang.bang  orgasm-denial  cockring  toys  bondage  arthur/merlin 
february 2012 by mxa_news
Movie Night
Arthur/Merlin exhibitionism, established relationship

Arthur and Merlin have friends over for movie night. While everyone is engrossed in the movie, the two of them decide to have a discreet fuck - in the same room.

(please let them get away with it: no getting caught, no 'knowing looks' afterwards...everyone else is mostly unaware of what the two are doing behind them)
*posted  complete  size.kink  orgasm-denial  arthur/merlin  exhibitionism 
february 2012 by mxa_news
Sweeter for the Wait - spuffyduds - due South [Archive of Our Own]
"Three days without coming. Teach you a lesson," Ray says, and leans over to nuzzle into Fraser's neck.

"Sure," Fraser says. Three days is nothing; he's gone weeks before, on occasion.
duesouth  bdsm  orgasm-denial 
january 2012 by dont_panic42
Just a Walk in the Woods
TENTACLE SEX! Threesome, restraints, multiple penetration, orgasm denial, and Cobb being a dick. 8D. Three.
fanfic  inception  saph-ronal  cobb/arthur/eames  explicit  pwp  tentacles  threesome  powerplay  double.penetration  bondage/restraints  dp  orgasm-denial 
january 2012 by waldorph
The Silence Between

Serious orgasm denial. no non/dub con, but have one of them wait MONTHS before being allowed to come with lots of teasing. Prostate milking is a total bonus.
*posted  complete  painplay  D/s  orgasm-denial  arthur/merlin 
december 2011 by mxa_news
hermette comment porn
They’ve been at it for...a while now. Eames doesn’t want to take his hands off Arthur long enough to check his watch, but judging by the way Arthur is positively shaking beneath him, judging by the way Arthur’s dick is so flushed it’s nearly purple with hot blood, Eames reckons it’s been a while.
orgasm-denial  Arthur/Eames  inception  nc-17 
december 2011 by spacestation
The King's Hound
Prompt: To the victor goes the spoils, and Jensen's about to find out just how victorious Jared's feeling. Bonus: D/s, spanking, rimming, felching, creampie, bareback, orgasm denial, nipple play.
Make it hot. Jensen eventually learns his place.
fic  fanfiction  au  slash  j2  rps  pwp  jared/jensen  smut  rpf  cw-rps  jared  jensen  supernatural  spn  nc-17  adult  kink  rimming  bottom!jensen  oral  bj  barebacking  felching  d/s  slavery  orgasm-denial  king!jared  piercing  branding  collaring  breathplay  jealousy  authot:tryfanstone  dub-con 
november 2011 by jumpmybones
Smooth Operator
PROMPT: Manipulative!Jared; Possible Non-con, dub-con
Jensen is a shy, introverted Science teacher, who's just madly in love with teaching Science to uninterested students. So when Jock!Jared or Bad boy!Jared needs help passing the class, Jensen can't be happier to have some interested (even if its just to pass the class).

But Jared isn't interested in learning (he can be secretly smart and just forcing himself to fail), he's only interested in Jensen, and maybe a little force is necessary to get Jensen to cooperate.
jock!Jared  jared/jensen  pwp  bottom!Jensen  mean!Jared  orgasm-denial  shy!Jensen  top!Jared  teacher!Jensen  student!Jared  dirty-talk 
october 2011 by orio
dizzzylu: I Need a Hit, Baby (Jared/Misha; NC-17)
Summary: Another wager, another night. (sequel to First Taste; picks up directly after those events)

word count: 7,950
fic  fanfiction  slash  nc-17  adult  sequel  jared  misha  jared/misha  mishalecki  kink  orgasm-denial  oral  fingers  rpf  rps  cw-rps  pwp  spn  supernatural  bottom!jared  author:dizzzylu 
october 2011 by jumpmybones
five_ht: Fic: All Our Wires Got Crossed
"Oh, oh, fuck, oh," Arthur says, bringing his fist up to bite down. He looks pained but exhilarated, his hips bucking at the loss of contact, straining for stimulation while his mind struggles to rein the urge back. Eames leans over him, petting his hair, drinking it in because he could get high on the expression on Arthur's face when he's trying so fucking hard not to come.
hot  kink  orgasm-denial  inception  arthur/eames 
march 2011 by Cassandrexx
five_ht: Fic: All Our Wires Got Crossed
Exposition, and then porn, and then porn and feelings, and then feelings.
inception  arthur/eames  nc-17  fic  kink  edging  slash  angst  size-differential  orgasm-denial  smut  pwp  pre-movie  D/s 
february 2011 by Perfumaniac
The Meat Feast (COMPLETE)
One night Merlin finds the porntube account of a really hot guy whose fit physique reminds him of Arthur Pendragon, famous fill-in-the-blank (prince, actor, model, playboy, heir, whatever). He gets off on the video a few times before he joins the site and asks for a 1:1 wank session via Skype. Their sessions become more regular and intimate, but no questions are ever asked and no details shared that would reveal either of the boy's identities or professions. Merlin's not as skilled at anonymous webcamming as Arthur, so Arthur knows what he looks like from the neck up but Merlin still has no idea that he's been Skyping with the ZOMGFAMOUS!!111! Arthur Pendragon. One day the two run into each other (at a con, concert, coffee shop, whatever) and Arthur recognizes Merlin in the crowd...
arthur/merlin  arthur/other  voyeurism  orgasm-denial  toys  complete  *posted 
february 2011 by mxa_news

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