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Office in a Box
If you have a small space or are just lacking an office I made a post for you. It seems like a "Blank in a box week" with our remote in a box post yesterday and today I have an Office in a Box post over on I Heart Organizing.

Office in a box: 

If you have a second pop over to I Heart Organizing this afternoon for an office in a box. I LOVE small space organization and this is something that I think can work for everyone, whether you have a small space or a large one! :)

Make sure to check back this afternoon to see if you won our Made by Maru Giveaway!!!
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february 2013 by lacurieuse
Books, Books, Everywhere!
It's been 7 years and I'm not itchy at all!!! (get it, the 7 year itch??)

That's right it's been 7 years since we said I DO! And we are more in love than ever . . . well I am anyways . . . I don't want to speak for Lee but I think he'd agree!
I was down right spoiled rotten this year, usually we decide on a gift for both of us . . . almost exclusively it's something for the house. For 5 years it was our wood dining table (for the traditional wood gift) and 6 years it was our pots and pans organizer (iron is traditional so we did a spin on that). 7 years was copper or wool. I didn't want anything copper . . . but a warm wool blanket would be nice??? Cashmere is a type of wool . . . right??? hehe
We still haven't gotten around to purchasing our mutual gift but Lee did sneak in a couple of very sweet gifts for me!

The first was a stamp I've been wanting forever!

With so many books in our little library and so many friends and family members with similar reading tastes I'm always lending out books I wanted to make sure that our books get returned to us, so Lee picked me up a book stamp. It says Ex Libris (which is Latin for "from [the] books", which when used as a bookplate means "from [the] books [owner]") and in true anniversary style he chose "Mrs. Malinek".
It's perfect! I couldn't love it anymore! He gave it to me before he headed to work and came home to THIS:

(That top stack I'm staring at fell down on me seconds after this picture!)

I stamped every book in our library. I thought about only stamping the books that get lent out . . . but how do you know which books people are going to want to borrow?? and stamping a big MINE on a book, right in front of someone before they take it home just seems in poor taste! Kind of like, "I don't believe you'll return this to me so I'm going to make sure you don't forget!" So I just bit the bullet and stamped them all in one big go . . . although I still haven't made my way into the kitchen to stamp all the cookbooks!
I'll share my other two gifts tomorrow!!! All I can say now is Anthropologie! (and I still can't imagine Lee in that store all by himself!) haha

Ex Libris stamp is from Holmes Stamp . . . Lee said they were really helpful and even emailed a mock-up of the stamp so Lee could see how it looked before they made it!
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january 2013 by lacurieuse
Reader Request: Paperwork Organization
Another question I receive often is about paperwork, Bills, Junk mail, statements  . . . all of it!
I seriously can't stand paper clutter, one because it's messy looking and two because it's so un necessary. By un-necessary I mean most of it is JUNK!

Here's how we handle it:
Disclaimer: Some paper cuts may occur ;)

First things first, Junk mail goes straight into the recycle bin! It's a really simple thing to do, but it really makes a ton of difference.

Second, you need an inbox. Just something on your desk or in your kitchen or where ever. Something you can put the mail into everyday.
Every week we go through the inbox. Wednesday is our day to pay bills and file away what needs to be filed away.

Third, set up two filing spots.

 You'll need one spot that's really easy to access. This would be for your monthly bills and statements. We use a transparent file holder hung off the wall. (from Staples for $5.99)
We keep a folder for:
-Credit Card Statements, for 1 year.
-Regular Bills Cable etc. . . 6 months. Our cell phone bills are emailed to us.
-Bank Statements (we've gone paperless with those too).
-Our Portfolio statements (like our retirement savings and mutual funds). 
-A folder labeled House for Utility bills and incoming property taxes and assessments.

The other filing spot can be a box in the back of your closet or where ever. It will hold less frequently accessed files. Things like:
-Product Warranties
-Appliance manuals 
-Mortgage information for every house we've bought in the last 7 years.
-Property Tax and Assessment information.
-Tax returns up to 7 years back.
-This is also the place to keep any important information like birth records or immigration papers, stuff like that. 

 As for Receipts we have two boxes on the shelf, one is for my bloggy tax receipts and one is for Lee's business receipts.

 And that's how we tamed the paperwork beast. Woooo cha (That's the sound of my whip cracking). 

*Pretty File Folders are from Target!
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june 2012 by lacurieuse

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