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Things I have learnt as the software engineering lead of a multinational – Minnen Ratta
A surprisingly long cycle has just closed for me and I think it's a good time to share some lessons learned. I have been collecting these points in the last six months, but none of them popped up recently, they have taken shape over a few years and they include both things I did and…
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2 hours ago by adragomir
When Being Unproductive Saves a Career
“Neuroscience tells us that what Sen experienced is a “default mode network”— a way in which our brains make new connections and even solve complex problems when we aren’t actively focusing on them. The default mode network is most likely to light up when we’re “mind wandering” — a term for what people often experience while daydreaming in the shower or waiting for a train. Stress shuts this kind of powerful thinking down, as does our compulsion to grab our cellphones at any idle moment. Sabbaticals, done right, reprioritize mind-wandering.”
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15 hours ago by basemaly
Professional Organizer Tips: What NOT To Do When Decluttering | Apartment Therapy
Nicole says these five missteps are the most common in her line of work — and most likely to derail even the best efforts to conquer clutter:
house  organization 
yesterday by ponders_life
Bell + Cat
An "airtable" clone; looks like a customizable spreadsheet in the browser.

Looks good; not much dynamic in the demo.
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2 days ago by scottnelsonsmith
Finding things with DEVONthink |
Alan Duncan writes about how he organizes is DEVONthink files--in particular how he uses hierarchical tags; 2015-Jun-18.
AlanDuncan  DEVONthnk  2015  organization  tagging  hierarchy 
3 days ago by amoore
Chapter 510 & the Dept. of Make Believe
Chapter 510 & the Dept. of Make Believe is Oakland's only youth writing center fronted by the world's only magical bureaucracy.
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4 days ago by xyai

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