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3 days ago by technogoggles
The Power of Self-Awareness: How to Build Successful Teams
The most prominent problem organizations face is not knowing what they don’t know. Blind spots, assumptions, and over-confidence hinder the performance of both individuals and teams.
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12 days ago by sparkey
Why big companies squander good ideas | Financial Times
In 1990, a young economist named Rebecca Henderson published an article with her supervisor Kim Clark that presented a different view of why it is hard to do new things in old organisations. The relevant word is “organisations”.

Dominant organisations are prone to stumble when the new technology requires a new organisational structure. An innovation might be radical but, if it fits the structure that already existed, an incumbent firm has a good chance of carrying its lead from the old world to the new.
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14 days ago by benterrett
How do you stay organized at work?
My job feels like endless firefighting and leaves me with no time to think, organize, and strategize. It’s been tremendously frustrating and when I tell my managers they just laugh and say that’s the new normal. How can I improve things?
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18 days ago by chris.leaman

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