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Non profit which did an impressive job of forcing Kemp to resign
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9 days ago by cldwalker
Capturing To An Org-Mode Date Tree In Current Buffer - Jack Baty's Weblog
("d" "Daybook" entry
(file+datetree "~/org/")
"* %?\n%t")
16 days ago by gr4yscale
Ricing up Org Mode
This is a short post pulling in my comment on a /r/unixporn submission where I document my Org mode dotfiles for a word processor like interface. The aim is to recreate a rice I submitted on /r/unixporn some time back. Shown below is a demo of what the thing actually looks like.
org-mode  theme  typography  emacs  org 
20 days ago by deprecated
Importing all of your orgmode notes into Apple Notes for mobile access. – vxlabs
In this blog post, I show you how to import your complete org mode notes database into Apple Notes, including typesetting and attachments, using the org mode publishing functionality.
applenotes  org-mode  org  emacs 
20 days ago by deprecated

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