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Org-mode wiki + concept-mapping
Mind-map in emacs, with org-mode.
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4 days ago by tobym
BSAG » Org mode and Pandoc
In the intervening time since first setting up Spacemacs I have been getting more familiar with org-mode, and becoming increasingly impressed by its power and flexibility. Consequently, I’ve started writing by default in org-mode rather than Markdown. What I like about it is that it provides a lot of features for structuring, re-arranging and editing text. For example, text with headings, lists and so on is defined as a tree, and there are commands for moving nodes within this tree u...
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6 days ago by cjitlal
Literate DevOps
Maintaining servers falls into two phases:

Bang head until server works
Capture effort into some automation tool like Puppet or Chef.
Recently, I’ve been playing around with making the first phase closer to the second. For lack of a better word, I’m calling it literate devops.
emacs  org-mode  dev  devops  argument  reference 
9 days ago by kmt
(13) org mode is awesome - YouTube
Great overview from a working scientist
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14 days ago by InvertedX

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