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De-bullshitifying the libertopian Legend of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge / Boing Boing
The reality is that the Paiutes who lived there were ethnically cleansed by the US Army, who then sold some of the land to speculators from out-of-state, who were dominated by a couple of crooked megabosses who used trickery, bribery, coercion and fraud to get the land at discount prices and force out their competition. Those welfare capitalists then made a killing by using heavily subsidized US federal infrastructure, such as railways, to get their products to market.

When those cattle-barons ran their business into the ground, they got bailed out by the federal government. The feds bought the land that they'd sold at subsidy prices to rich speculators, and ended up with a big piece of territory that, having been purged of its original residents, and having been worked to ruin through mismanagement and greed by unscrupulous robber-barons, turned into a wildlife preserve.
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Murder House - Feature - Portland Mercury
A historic tour of Portland's grisliest murders—and the homes where they took place.
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2 days ago by po
Here’s Oregon’s New Bill to Re-legalize 'Missing Middle' Homes Statewide - Sightline Institute
So cool: requires cities to allow missing middle housing in low-density zones, gives them state money to do the necessary planning, and removes parking quotas for accessory homes.
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5 days ago by danielbachhuber

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