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After an Amazing day on the Coast, I ask this guy if he wants to do anything else. His answer: I just want…
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Look inside the first fully FSC certified US single-family home | Magazine Articles | WWF
James Ray Arnold of Portland, Oregon, grew up working in the construction trade with his dad. He started his own business, JRA Green Building, when he was 32 years old. One of several residential builders in the US certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), Arnold focuses on energy-efficient homes using environmentally friendly materials. He’s now putting the finishing touches on a single-family home in Hood River, Oregon, that is the first in the country fully certified by FSC.
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It was raining in the data center
“Although the actual paths of fiber-optic cables are considered state and company secrets, it is not unlikely that most or all of the Facebook facility’s data runs along this route. In The Prehistory of the Cloud, Tung-Hui Hu describes the origin of private data service with telecommunications giant Sprint (Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network), which sold excess fiber-optic bandwidth along train lines to consumers beginning in 1978. He goes on to state in the same text, that “virtually all traffic on the US Internet runs across the same routes established in the 19th century”.”
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The Doll Asylum | VISITING
looks like it's about two hours from portland
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More cougar sightings reported, caught on camera;
A few weeks ago, a big cat was spotted around Harris Beach State Park; officials believe it might be the same one that has been spotted farther up Parkview Avenue. Another was seen by several people in the Azalea Park area earlier this month, as well.
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