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What does this say about the people that live in Bend, OR?
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Uncover These South Coast Secrets - Travel Oregon
(Example - Western Skies / BWRT) MORE Links: The friendly towns between Port Orford to Brookings — along Oregon’s 60 miles of southern-most coastline — are looking for love from adventure-seeking hikers and bikers, campers and roadtrippers.
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Oregon may make military Humvees street legal | The Columbian
The Oregon proposal, however, would register these older Humvees under the same special designation used for antiques, collectors’ cars and street rods.

A one-time $81 fee would permanently register these massive vehicles for the streets — but only for limited purposes, such as group rides with car clubs, shows and exhibitions and, luckily for 75-year-old Hank Porter, parades.

“All I want to do is haul around old veterans in parades on the Fourth of July,” said Porter, mayor of Stayton, Ore., a small town just 12 miles east of the state capitol in Salem. “I don’t need to run all over the country in the thing.”

Porter, a retired school teacher, asked his former student Fred Girod, who is now a Republican state senator, for help after hitting snags at the DMV in trying to register his 1986 Humvee — one of three he and his family purchased last year, mostly for off-roading and, of course, parades.

Civilians like Porter buy these military behemoths for usually $10,000 or less through a third-party auction site called GovPlanet, a subsidiary of IronPlanet, which sends three-quarters of the proceeds back to the military. Buyers sign hold-harmless agreements acknowledging the Humvees are “not roadworthy” and then receive a federal proof-of-ownership certificate with an “off-road only” stamp that they can take to their local DMV.
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