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CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape
framework, platforms, tools related to container and cloud deployments
cloud  list  catalog  reference  container  orchestration  sysadmin  software  devops  opensource  proprietary 
12 days ago by plaxx
Rook is an open source cloud-native storage orchestrator
storage  cloud-native  orchestration 
19 days ago by jrisch
mhassan2 (Mohamad Hassan) · GitHub
Docker Splunk Orchestration script (6,000+ lines) to create fully automated pre-configured splunk site-2-site clusters or stand alone containers for your lab/training. Awesome tool for training and…
splunk  docker  github  script  orchestration 
23 days ago by bwiese
Security Orchestration and Automation for Security Operations | Rapid7
An orchestration layer for security tools and processes
What if you could take your security playbook, easily connect it to your tools, and automate it while still employing human insights when needed? With Komand, you can do all that and more with powerful plugins and workflows that accelerate incident detection, response, and resolution.
automation  security  orchestration 
24 days ago by bjorndown

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