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Favorite: The Splitting of the Dunes, by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
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april 2017 by pauljacobson
Favorite: Hues in a Crater Slope, by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
IFTTT  Flickr  nasa  nasas  marshall  space  flight  center  mars  reconnaissance  orbiter  high  resolution  imaging  science  experiment  slopes 
january 2017 by pauljacobson
Orbiter 2016 Space Flight Simulator
Orbiter is a realistic 3D real-time space flight simulator program. Official site with free download.
december 2016 by bem1492
Appendix F - Personal observations on the reliability of the Shuttle
Feynman. What a guy.

A narrative describing the issues with risk estimation on the part of engineering and management during Challenger (and the orbiter program in general), including examples of fallacious reasoning.
design  engineering  logic  probability  safety  risk  nasa  space  orbiter 
october 2014 by aaronbeekay
Isro’s Mars Orbiter Mission crosses distance of Moon’s orbit – Times of India
Times of IndiaHYDERABAD: India’s Mars Orbiter Mission, also known as ‘Mangalyaan’, crossed the distance of Moon’s orbit on Monday morning. “MOM is now the farthest object sent into space by India,” Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) announced on Monday.India’s Martian MOM leaves the nestRegisterIndia’s space odyssey: Orbiter cruises towards Mars (Intro Roundup)Authint MailIndia’s spacecraft successfully […]
IFTTT  Zennie62  tech  India  Mars  Orbiter  Mission  Martian  Indian  Space  Research  Organisation  Isro  Intro  Roundup  Authint  MOM  NDTV  news  International 
december 2013 by zennie62
Indian probe begins journey to Mars – BBC News
BBC NewsEarly on Sunday the spacecraft fired its main engine for more than 20 minutes, giving it the correct velocity to leave Earth’s orbit. It will now cruise for 680m km (422m miles), setting up an encounter with its target on 24 September 2014. The Mars Orbiter …Indian spacecraft leaves Earth’s orbit, bound for MarsFox […]
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december 2013 by zennie62
Project Apollo for Orbiter - OrbiterWiki
Project Apollo for Orbiter is an add-on for Orbiter which recreates the Apollo missions.
space  simulation  orbiter 
february 2012 by david.parrott

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