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New York Strip Roast with Rosemary-Orange Crust and Herbed Butter recipe |
Uses a roast, but I could probably do it with steaks too. The anchovies are pureed with the orange zest and rosemary
beef  stripsteak  anchovies  rosemary  orangezest  breadcrumbs  parsley 
december 2018 by bodeswell
Orange-Buttermilk Chess Pie Recipe
Inspired by Denise Sa Ade's winning pie at the 2013 state fair of Texas.
Food  dessert  orange  orangezest  baking 
august 2018 by yarngeek
Steamed Red Snapper with Mushrooms and Ginger Recipe - Jean-Georges Vongerichten | Food & Wine
the mushrooms and edamame are optional. 2/22/16. A Vongerichten recipe. I reduced the amount of the spice paste a good deal, but tried to keep the proportions. Didn’t use the mushrooms or edamame. The spice paste turned out great, not unusually hot and very flavorful.
fish  redsnapper  jalapeno  lemongrass  vongerichten  orangezest  miso  nampla  shallots  mushrooms  edamame  rice 
february 2016 by bodeswell

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