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L.A. Then and Now: Southern California's great citrus had its crate advertising -
It wasn't long after the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in 1869 that California's citrus economy exploded, thanks to a mild climate and easy access to water. From 1880 to 1893, California citrus acreage grew from a few thousand acres to more than 40,000 — with 90% of it in Southern California, according to Tom Spellman, president of the Citrus Label Society. From San Diego to Santa Barbara, thousands of growers were eager to sell their goods to a hungry nation and looking for a competitive edge. "Everyone knew the product was basically the same; an orange is an orange, a lemon a lemon, a grapefruit a grapefruit," Spellman said. Growers responded by choosing catchy brand names and images to identify their product, then putting them on labels and pasting them onto wooden crates.
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