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An Oral History of 'Snake' on Nokia | MEL Magazine
Armanto is low-key and humble when he talks about his career. “Very many people appear to be excited when they get to know my background with Snake,” he reflects. “Which is fine, I guess. It’s still good to hear people have enjoyed the game!”
culture  games  history  nokia  computergames  oralhistory 
4 days ago by Vincennes
‘You set me up, I couldn’t win’: An oral history of the 1994 MLB strike from both sides of the bargaining table
"Twenty-five years later, it’s easy to wonder where we’re heading."
"“The idea of anybody associated with the MLBPA or a player talking about a strike in 2021 — given that we haven’t even started negotiations and we have two years left to go on a contract — I find it to be mind-boggling,” commissioner Rob Manfred said."
"“You don’t look forward to a work stoppage,” union head Tony Clark said. “The endgame is not a work stoppage. The endgame is to find a fair deal at the bargaining table. A work stoppage happens when there is no other recourse.”"
"When the game’s last work stoppage began on Aug. 12, 1994, baseball owners had long been plagued by infighting. Big markets and small markets were tearing each other apart."
baseball  labor  mlb  strike  history  oralhistory  unions 
5 weeks ago by grahams
Science History Institute
Search 7,010 of our digitized items: artifacts, photographs, advertisements, letters, rare books, and more.
oralhistory  history  science  digital  archives  collections  resources  databases 
7 weeks ago by derishus
An upcoming and intriguing talk on ‘Accelerating Change: , Innovation, and Impact’ by of…
OralHistory  from twitter
june 2019 by shawnday
(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1123351167734435840
Coming soon to a classroom near you: advanced search & audio-visual interface. Enter a keyword-find it…
OralHistory  from twitter_favs
april 2019 by tolkien
Collections - Museum 15
The museum has a series of eyewitness accounts that complement our personal directory.
OralKnowledge  OralHistory  Notability  RichContent 
april 2019 by Audiences
Let It Bleed: The Oral History of PJ Harvey’s ‘Rid of Me’
"The unblinking story of how inter-band tension spawned a rubbed-raw masterpiece and influenced Nirvana"
music  oralhistory  history  pjharvey  90s 
april 2019 by grahams
‘They Thought It Was Black Magic’: The Definitive Oral History of TiVo
"How the original DVR paved the way for Netflix and the cord-cutter movement"
history  tivo  dvr  oralhistory  startup 
april 2019 by grahams

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