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Polishing brand ERP
"As an industry, we have implemented or upgraded ERP software tens of millions of times. It is absurd that we tolerate the failure rates and cost overruns that has become synonymous with ERP. Every aspect of ERP was a reason to gouge – close to 100% gross margins on software, ridiculous MPLS circuit and storage pricing, you name it. Offshore vendors who could show CMM Level 5 continuous improvements suddenly forgot that discipline when it came to ERP support. Much of what is delivered by SIs and outsourcers can and should be automated – see several ideas here"
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Fox Infotech | Vinish Kapoor's Blog
It is a Vinish Kapoor's Blog, which provides tutorials for Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, SQL, Apex, Python, MongoDB, cx_Oracle, Toad, PHP and SQL Developer, etc.
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