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[1705.04587] Complexity and Inapproximability Results for Parallel Task Scheduling and Strip Packing
We study the Parallel Task Scheduling problem Pm|sizej|Cmax with a constant number of machines. This problem is known to be strongly NP-complete for each m≥5, while it is solvable in pseudo-polynomial time for each m≤3. We give a positive answer to the long-standing open question whether this problem is strongly NP-complete for m=4. As a second result, we improve the lower bound of 1211 for approximating pseudo-polynomial Strip Packing to 54. Since the best known approximation algorithm for this problem has a ratio of 43+ε, this result narrows the gap between approximation ratio and inapproximability result by a significant step. Both results are proven by a reduction from the strongly NP-complete problem 3-Partition.
operations-research  optimization  computational-complexity  benchmarking  approximation  rather-interesting  nudge-targets  consider:approximation 
2 days ago by Vaguery
[1512.03421] The extended 1-perfect trades in small hypercubes
An extended 1-perfect trade is a pair (T0,T1) of two disjoint binary distance-4 even-weight codes such that the set of words at distance 1 from T0 coincides with the set of words at distance 1 from T1. Such trade is called primary if any pair of proper subsets of T0 and T1 is not a trade. Using a computer-aided approach, we classify nonequivalent primary extended 1-perfect trades of length 10, constant-weight extended 1-perfect trades of length 12, and Steiner trades derived from them. In particular, all Steiner trades with parameters (5,6,12) are classified.
combinatorics  to-understand  graph-theory  strings  optimization  constraint-satisfaction  looking-to-see  nudge-targets  consider:looking-to-see  consider:classification  consider:feature-discovery 
2 days ago by Vaguery
[math/0103224] On the Minimum Ropelength of Knots and Links
The ropelength of a knot is the quotient of its length and its thickness, the radius of the largest embedded normal tube around the knot. We prove existence and regularity for ropelength minimizers in any knot or link type; these are C1,1 curves, but need not be smoother. We improve the lower bound for the ropelength of a nontrivial knot, and establish new ropelength bounds for small knots and links, including some which are sharp.
knot-theory  optimization  rather-interesting  feature-construction  geometry  engineering-design  nudge-targets  consider:approximation 
3 days ago by Vaguery

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