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vanetta.net: Enable HDMI volume control on the 2011 Mac Mini
“Now, Soundflower should be acting as a software mixer that enables the volume controls in OS X to work with HDMI audio.  The volume controls in the menu bar should no longer be disabled and, if your keyboard supports it, you should be able to control the volume/mute right from your keyboard.”
optical  audio  mac  osx  macos  2012 
10 days ago by handcoding
Optical Effects in User Interfaces (for True Nerds)
Nailing the optics — making your circles more circley and squares more squary:
ui  design  optical  effects 
10 days ago by tham
Schiit Audio, Headphone amps and DACs made in USA.
(Perhaps you could use this to connect your MacBook Pro’s USB output to your sweet DAC?)
“‘Why would I need a USB to SPDIF converter?’ you might ask. Well, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re already using our Gen 5 USB input. But if you aren’t, this is a great way to convert virtually any computer, tablet, streamer, or phone into a dedicated, high-performance audio source.

“Works with Virtually Any Audio USB Source and DAC 
“Just connect your USB source to Eitr’s USB input, and connect Eitr’s coaxial SPDIF output to any DAC that accepts coaxial input. Now, you have complete isolation from source to DAC, together with a superb, low-jitter coaxial SPDIF interface for bit depths and sample rates up to 24/192.”
usb  optical  dacs  shiit  2018  audio 
16 days ago by handcoding
Deceptions in Art, Nature, and Play
Exhibit in 1977 at the Ontario Science Center, showing examples of anamorphic art. Overed in the February 1978 issue of "World"
Art  Painting  Optical  Illusions  Toronto  Canada  Science  Anamorphic 
18 days ago by dbourn
Angular-momentum nanometrology in an ultrathin plasmonic topological insulator film | Nature Communications
New detector size of normal laser detectors can now detect "twist" of light, to add new encoding dimension for data compression on optical fiber
CMOS  optical  angular  momentum  plasmonic  nanometrology  topological  insulator  materials  science  optics  research  OAM 
22 days ago by asteroza
OSA | Recent advances in optical technologies for data centers: a review
Modern data centers increasingly rely on interconnects for delivering critical communications connectivity among numerous servers, memory, and computation resources. Data center interconnects turned to optical communications almost a decade ago, and the recent acceleration in data center requirements is expected to further drive photonic interconnect technologies deeper into the systems architecture. This review paper analyzes optical technologies that will enable next-generation data center optical interconnects. Recent progress addressing the challenges of terabit/s links and networks at the laser, modulator, photodiode, and switch levels is reported and summarized.
optical  networking  datacenter 
24 days ago by euler

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