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Facebook to Banks: Give Us Your Data, We’ll Give You Our Users - WSJ
If you're American, and you've been dismissive, do you see the point of the now..? 🙄
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9 days ago by parsingphase
Reflections Upon a SWATting – Jameson Lopp – Medium
"When you think about it, the asymmetry is disturbing — a single anonymous phone call can result in lethal force being deployed in a matter of minutes against an arbitrary target. A single anonymous phone call costs only a few dollars to make and yet can consume tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in public resources just to determine whether or not a threat is real."
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17 days ago by dandv
RT : It's impressive, but they really shouldn't publicly disclose a capability like this. Who did the review here?
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28 days ago by gaelicWizard
RT : Most concerning was the amount of people we found specializing in etc. You'd think the…
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5 weeks ago by kcarruthers

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