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We created Sudo to put safety and privacy back in your hands - Added April 11, 2018 at 08:06PM
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20 days ago by xenocid
That One Privacy Site | Welcome
Redirecting - Added April 11, 2018 at 08:04PM
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The CORE Group | The CORE Group
If you suspect covert entry has taken place, we can help you investigate. Our forensic experts can analyze and assess suspect security seals for signs of tampering or compromise. via Pocket
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20 days ago by ChristopherA
A Modest Privacy Protection Proposal – Jameson Lopp – Medium
It’s hard to retain much privacy in the information age — the Internet has a nearly perfect limitless memory and we’re placing a ton of sensitive data onto it. After being swatted in 2017, I set out on a mission to start my life over with a renewed focus on privacy. via Pocket
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20 days ago by ChristopherA
How to Catch when Proxies Lie
Internet users worldwide rely on commercial network proxies both to conceal their true location and identity, and to control their apparent location. Their reasons range from mundane to security-critical. Proxy operators offer no proof that their advertised server locations are accurate. IP-to-location databases tend to agree with the advertised locations, but there have been many reports of serious errors in such databases. In this study we estimate the locations of 2269 proxy servers from ping-time measurements to hosts in known locations, combined with AS and network information. These servers are operated by seven proxy services, and, according to the operators, spread over 222 countries and territories. Our measurements show that one-third of them are definitely not located in the advertised countries, and another third might not be. Instead, they are concentrated in countries where server hosting is cheap and reliable (e.g. Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA). In the process, we address a number of technical challenges with applying active geolocation to proxy servers, which may not be directly pingable, and may restrict the types of packets that can be sent through them, e.g. forbidding traceroute. We also test three geolocation algorithms from previous literature, plus two variations of our own design, at the scale of the whole world.
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29 days ago by nmh
Jameson is the infrastructure engineer at Casa. Please welcome Jameson Lopp. Hi fellow cypherpunks. We're under attack. Corporations and nation states in their quest for omniscience have slowly stripped away our privacy. We are the frog being boiled in the pot called progress. via Pocket
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4 weeks ago by ChristopherA
gitleaks searches full repo history for secrets and keys 🔑 | News and podcasts for developers | Changelog
gitleaks searches full repo history for secrets and keys ? - Added February 21, 2018 at 02:12PM
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7 weeks ago by xenocid

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