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The log/event processing pipeline you can't have - apenwarr
So good. Apenwarr knows how to design a system.
Simple things don't break. Our friends on the "let's use structured events to make metrics" team streamed those events straight into a database, and it broke all the time, because databases have configuration options and you inevitably set those options wrong, and it'll fall over under heavy load, and you won't find out until you're right in the middle of an emergency and you really want to see those logs. Or events.
logging  scalability  klog  kernel  log-processing  events  embedded  ops 
2 days ago by jm
fdv/running-elasticsearch-fun-profit: A book about running Elasticsearch
A book about running Elasticsearch. Contribute to fdv/running-elasticsearch-fun-profit development by creating an account on GitHub.
ebook  elasticsearch  scaling  github  operation  ops  jvm  tuning  sysadmin  documentation 
7 days ago by newtonapple
terraform-aws-nomad/examples/nomad-consul-separate-cluster at master · hashicorp/terraform-aws-nomad
This folder shows an example of Terraform code to deploy a Nomad cluster that connects to a separate Consul cluster in AWS
nomad  programming  ops 
11 days ago by teeler
A command-line tool that helps you ship changes to a Kubernetes namespace and understand the result
ops  kubernetes 
13 days ago by 3goliad
An In-Depth Guide to Nginx Metrics
decent list of what nginx offers in terms of instrumentation
nginx  metrics  ops  graphing  scalyr 
15 days ago by jm

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