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Work-in-progress implementation of SPIFFE.
spiffe  spire  identity  security  ops  dist 
19 hours ago by rcrowley
Identity framework that directly addresses the disconnect between server identity and process identity in modern systems.
spiffe  identity  security  ops  dist 
19 hours ago by rcrowley
Today I talked at a conference - yet again - about #QA in #DevOps. And yet again I THANK my #Ops teacher @dlutzy an… https://t.co/W22glAG1K9
– Theresa Neate (TheresaNeate) http://twitter.com/TheresaNeate/status/939071712292782080
DevOps  via:packrati.us  toread  QA  Ops 
4 days ago by eeichinger
Increment magazine
A print and digital magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale. Run by Stripe people with stories from other companies.
it  devops  magazine  development  ops  increment  software  oncall  inspiration  stripe 
6 days ago by marek-saji
AWS re:invent 2017: Container Networking Deep Dive with Amazon ECS (CON401) // Practical Applications
Another re:Invent highlight to watch -- ECS' new native container networking model explained
reinvent  aws  containers  docker  ecs  networking  sdn  ops 
7 days ago by jm

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