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DEA database: Where the pain pills went - Washington Post
The federal government has tracked the path of every pain pill in the U.S. Here’s where they went and how they got there.
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With a 10-day supply of opioids, 1 in 5 become long-term users | Ars Technica
The longer you use opioids, the greater the risks—and the risks rise fast.
The longer a person uses opioids, the greater the risk of forming a deadly addiction. But just how long does it take to switch from being a short-term user—say, while you’re dealing with pain after a surgery—to a long-term, potentially problematic user? A few weeks? A month?
According to a new study, that transition could take just a matter of days.
When patients get an initial opioid prescription that’s just a one-day supply, they have about a six-percent chance of being on opioids for a year or longer. But if that first prescription is for a three-day supply, the probability of long-term use starts inching up. With an initial five-day supply, the chance jumps to about 10 percent. With a six-day supply, the chance hits 12 percent. With 10-day’s worth, the odds of still being on opioids a year later hits roughly 20 percent.
So, with an initial 10-day opioid prescription, about one-in-five patients become long-term users. That’s according to the new study’s lead author Bradley Martin, a professor of pharmaceutical evaluation and policy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science. It’s a fast rise, Martin said to Ars. “We really didn’t expect that.”
And, according to the rest of the data—published Friday in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)—things just keep getting worse from there.
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DEA tracked every opioid pill sold in the US. The data is out—and it’s horrific | Ars Technica
Just three drug makers and six distributors were behind the flood.
Between 2006 and 2012, opioid drug makers and distributors flooded the country with 76 billion pills of oxycodone and hydrocodone—highly addictive opioid pain medications that sparked the epidemic of abuse and overdoses that killed nearly 100,000 people in that time period.
As the epidemic surged over the seven-year period, so did the supply. The companies increased distribution from 8.4 billion in 2006 to 12.6 billion in 2012, a jump of roughly 50%. In all, the deluge of pills was enough to supply every adult and child in the country with around 36 opioid pills per year. Just a 10-day supply can hook 1 in 5 people into being long-term users, researchers have determined.
The stunning supply figures were first reported by the Washington Post and come from part of a database compiled by the Drug Enforcement Administration that tracked the fate of every opioid pill sold in America, from manufacturers to individual pharmacies. A federal court in Ohio released the data this week as part of a massive consolidated court case against nearly two-dozen opioid makers and distributors, brought by nearly 2,000 cities, towns, and counties. The local governments allege that the opioid companies conspired to saturate the country with the potent painkillers to soak up billions in profits. The companies deny the allegations, arguing generally that they were serving the needs of patients.
According to an analysis of the data by the Post, just three companies made 88% of the opioid pills: SpecGx, Actavis Pharma, and Par Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of Endo Pharmaceuticals. Purdue Pharma ranked fourth, making 3% of the pills. Just six companies distributed 75% of the pills: McKesson Corp., Walgreens, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, CVS, and Walmart.
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OxyContin Made The Sacklers Rich. Now It’s Tearing Them Apart. - WSJ
Jacqueline Sackler was fed up. HBO’s John Oliver would soon use his TV show to pillory her family, the clan that owns Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin. In a nearly 15-minute Sunday-night segment, he joined a long line of people who blamed the Sacklers in part for the nation’s opioid crisis.
Before the show aired, Ms. Sackler, who is married to a son of a company co-founder, emailed her in-laws, lawyers and advisers. “This situation is destroying our work, our friendships, our reputation and our ability to function in...
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I’m tired of self-centered know-it-all MDs telling pain pts that the side effects of are somehow worse tha…
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I’ve been reading more & more posts by MDs saying that for is bad because a pt in pain might…
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How judges added to the grim toll of opioids
In case after case, U.S. judges sealed evidence about the risks - the result of a lethal secrecy that Reuters found shrouds many product-liability cases.
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With opioid constraints, doctors struggle to ease patients’ pain | The Seattle Times
Doctors struggle to treat patients on opioids at a time when the drugs are seen as a scourge of society. Healthcare providers who do so — and many refuse — face stigma, a tangle of rules and guidelines, medical and ethical challenges and potential scrutiny that has not only shut down clinics locally and nationally but has led to arrests. Story quotes pain specialists Jared Klein and Miroslav Backonja.
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Is your patient in pain or just seeking a pill? What to do | Medscape
Doctors are put in a hard place when it comes to treating patients in pain. Andrew Saxon, professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington School of Medicine, is quoted.
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RT : An investigation reveals details of a probe alleging pharmaceutical executives paid kickbacks to push
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Historic trial tests whether Big Pharma can be held accountable for opioid epidemic - CNN
Opening statements begin in historic trial testing whether Big Pharma can be held accountable for opioid epidemic
(CNN)Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter accused drugmakers Tuesday of a "cynical, deceitful multimillion-dollar, brainwashing campaign to establish opioid analgesics as the magic drug," kicking off a historic trial that will be the first major test in the nation of whether a state can make a pharmaceutical company pay for the opioid epidemic.
The trial is expected to lay a road map for other states and municipalities in holding drugmakers accountable for what Hunter told the court was "the worst man-made public health crisis in the history of our country and the state -- the prescription opioid epidemic."
Live updates: Opioid crisis trial
"To put it bluntly," he said, "this crisis is devastating Oklahoma."
Hunter said that trial evidence will show 4,653 Oklahomans died of unintentional overdoses involving prescription opioids from 2007 to 2017, and that there were more than 28,000 admissions for opioid and heroin treatment through state services from 2012 to 2018.
Oklahoma ranked seventh in the nation for prescription pain reliever abuse for children between the ages of 12 and 17 in 2013, and hundreds of babies are diagnosed with opioid-related neonatal abstinence syndrome each year.
"The pain, anguish and heartbreak (of) Oklahoma families, businesses, communities and individual Oklahomans is almost impossible to comprehend," Hunter told the court.
"How did this happened? At the end of the day, your honor, I have a short, one-word answer: greed."
The attorney general said evidence will show that drug companies "in their zeal to provide a magic drug ... ignored centuries of experienced, well-documented scientific histories of deadly addiction epidemics."
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