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Opinion | Who Killed the Knapp Family? - The New York Times
Across America, working-class people — including many of our friends — are dying of despair. And we’re still blaming the wrong people.

“The meaningfulness of the working-class life seems to have evaporated,” Angus Deaton, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, told us. “The economy just seems to have stopped delivering for these people.” Deaton and the economist Anne Case, who is also his wife, coined the term “deaths of despair” to describe the surge of mortality from alcohol, drugs and suicide.
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DEA calls this widely used supplement a ‘drug of concern’
the FDA has neither studied nor approved kratom for any medical use.
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DHHS/Division of Public Health — Opioid Action Plan Dashboard
NC Opioid Action Plan Data Dashboard
In 2017, over 5 North Carolinians died each day from an unintentional opioid overdose. From 1999-2017, more than 13,000 North Carolinians lost their lives to unintentional opioid overdose. To combat the opioid crisis, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services worked with community partners to develop North Carolina's Opioid Action Plan (NC OAP). The NC OAP launched in June of 2017 and established thirteen data metrics to track and monitor the opioid epidemic. The opioid data dashboard on this site is meant to provide integration and visualization of state and county-level metrics for stakeholders across NC to track progress towards reaching the goals outlined in NC OAP. For more information on the NC OAP visit: https://www.ncdhhs.gov/opioids .
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Does the growth of the crisis and the emergence of so-called new psychoactive substances bother you? This w…
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Against Opioid Epidemic Skepticism - Digital Cygnet - Medium
> Prescription opioids have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and continue to kill more people per year than drunk driving, even though this rate is no longer increasing.
Prescription opioids, especially when prescribed in high doses or to at-risk populations, have a high chance (single digit percent) of causing dependency.
Much of the fentanyl and heroin crises (which have each recently eclipsed the prescription opioid crisis) are/have been enabled by users beginning on prescription opioids.
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RT : NPR found that much of the political pressure faced by GOP AGs who pursued litigation has come from one hig…
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A Lethal Hidden Curriculum — Death of a Medical Student from Opioid Use Disorder | NEJM
> In 2017, a first-year student at the UCSF School of Medicine died from a drug overdose. Analysis of the events leading up to this death showed that many clinicians who interacted with the student provided well-intended advice that ran counter to evidence-based medicine.
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september 2019 by porejide
Drug makers conspired to worsen the opioid crisis. They have blood on their hands | Chris McGreal | Opinion | The Guardian
Johnson & Johnson and others profited from addiction and death – and yet they still don’t think they’ve done anything wrong
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