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France, Not Waiting for European Union, to Tax U.S. Tech Firms as ’19 Starts - The New York Times
PARIS — With the so-called Yellow Vest movement forcing concessions that have widened the country’s budget shortfall, the French government is accelerating a plan to place hefty taxes on American technology giants that have long maneuvered to keep their bills low while reaping huge sums of money
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Social Media’s Forever War - The New York Times
A year ago, in his annual New Year’s resolution post, Mark Zuckerberg pledged to spend 2018 fixing Facebook by addressing foreign manipulation, election interference and other threats. He and other tech leaders should probably renew that vow for 2019, and 2020, and possibly every year after that.
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yesterday by odelano
As China Rises, Americans Seek Closer Ties with Japan
Dec 2018 Chicago Council on Global Affairs report
Over the first two years of the Trump administration, the United States has simultaneously aggrieved Japan, a pivotal US ally in Asia, while also taking a more confrontational stance against China. This has raised broad concerns about the future of US involvement in Asia and the basis of support for the US-Japan alliance. While the American public is hesitant to get involved in a conflict between China and Japan, public support for US bases in Japan is at an all-time high, and Americans across party lines want to build strong relations with US allies in Asia.
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Google to Add $1 Billion New York Campus for 7,000 More Workers - The New York Times
Google said on Monday it would expand its presence in New York City with a $1 billion campus in the West Village, allowing the company to double the size of its 7,000-employee work force over the next decade. The centerpiece of the 1.7 million-square-foot hub will the St.
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Tech Workers Got Paid in Company Stock. They Used It to Agitate for Change. - The New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — Silicon Valley technology firms are known for giving stock to their workers, a form of compensation that often helps employees feel invested in their companies. But tech workers are now starting to use those shares to turn the tables on their employers.
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2 days ago by odelano
Opinion | The Pedestrian Strikes Back - The New York Times
Officials in several countries are getting the message: Cities are about people, not cars.
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2 days ago by noiseguy
Opinion | Brexit: The Most Boring Important Story in the World - The New York Times
Nothing ever changes. The details are mind-numbing. And it will all determine the future of the country.
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2 days ago by noiseguy
Opinion | Is Environmentalism Just for Rich People? - The New York Times
Sometimes it can seem as if only the privileged support the cause. But the truth is more complicated.
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2 days ago by noiseguy
7 bad excuses for not using TypeScript – LogRocket
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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3 days ago by HusseinMorsy

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