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GM Stops Venezuelan Operations After Government Seizure
The state department is reviewing the case after Venezuela took over GM’s plant. Geneal Motor’s manufacturing plant in Venezuela was unexpectedly taken by government authorities in the first nationalized seizure of a public company’s assets in nearly two years in the country. General Motors have ceased their operations in Venezuela as a result. According to...

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GM  Stops  Venezuelan  Operations  After  Government  Seizure 
9 days ago by vrzone
Compose your infrastructure, don’t micromanage it – Micah Hausler – Medium
Two of the largest surfaces of applications that make contact with infrastructure are monitoring and logging. This post talks about how we simplified the configs for these with Kubernetes annotations.
kubernetes  administration  admin  operations 
10 days ago by pinterb
On-call at any size – Increment: On-Call
關於 on-call 這件事,是說這篇文章的前導廢話偏多,要耐著性子看
We take a close look at how to make on-call work at any scale, sharing industry best practices that apply to companies at any size, from tiny startups in garages to companies the size of Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
engineering  on-call  operations 
13 days ago by henry40408
TOML vs. JSON - Tom Limoncelli's EverythingSysadmin Blog
The other difference is around comments. One camp permits them and another camp doesn't. In operations often we need to be able to temporarily comment out a few lines, or include ad hoc messages. Operations people communicate by leaving breadcrumbs and todo items in files. Rather than commenting out some lines I could delete them and use version control to bring them back, but that is much more work. Also, often I write code in comments for the future. For example, as part of preparation for a recent upgrade, we added the future configuration lines to a file but commented them out. By including them, they could be proofread by coworkers.
toml  json  configuration  operations  sysadmin  breadcrumbs  documentation  butwhy  thisvsthat 
14 days ago by kme

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