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To Grow Faster, Hit Pause — and Ask These Questions from Stripe’s COO | First Round Review
If a decision is irreversible and very high impact for the company, it should be made with a lot of data and rigor; it should involve more stakeholders, and maybe multiple teams. Think product pricing as a perfect example.
If a decision is reversible and relatively low-impact for the company, an individual should be able to apply their best judgment based on the company’s operating principles and plans (this is where those documents become key). This could include UI changes, customer service responses, etc.
You can think of this in a two-by-two format where impact is on one axis and ability to reverse or bounce back on the other. Most projects can be plotted somewhere on this chart. Based on where they land, you know better how to proceed.
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6 days ago by sampenrose
The Ever-Changing Roles of the Developer: How to Adapt and Thrive
"Just as the developer’s role is changing, so too have our ways of measuring not only our progress but also the effectiveness and performance of our code, tools and processes. This increased visibility is a good thing, overall. When it comes to measurement, there is a whole bunch of wrong ways to do it, among them measuring lines of code or the number of deploys. In fact, this very visibility, inherent to all of the data we now constantly measure, has been a great boon to DevOps."
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How to Improve a Legacy Codebase · Jacques Mattheij
"You get handed a steaming pile of manure, […] the original programmers have long ago left for sunnier places and the documentation […] is hopelessly out of sync with what is presently keeping the company afloat. Your job: get us out of this mess."
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11 days ago by sometimesfood
How the Financial Industry Is Doing DevOps
The second DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) Europe, once again held in London, brought together the DevOps enterprise community. The financial industry was well represented, giving the attendees a unique perspective on the challenges facing this heavily regulated industry and how DevOps is helping to overcome them.
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