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junit5-system-exit - JUnit5 Extension to help write tests that call System.exit()
JUnit5 System.exit() Extension.

This JUnit 5 Extension helps you write tests for code that calls System.exit().
Java  testing  opensource  extension  plugin 
2 hours ago by liqweed
MobileOrg/mobileorg: MobileOrg iPhone App
MobileOrg iPhone App. Contribute to MobileOrg/mobileorg development by creating an account on GitHub.
orgmode  ios  opensource 
3 hours ago by tonb
How I found my dream job by contributing to open source projects
One of the concerns I often hear about from my coding students is, “How am I going to land a developer job without a computer science degree?” This is an understandable concern, and I recently faced…
opensource  job  career  relation  floss 
4 hours ago by gilberto5757

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