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Songbird: Spatial Audio Encoding on the Web | songbird
real-time spatial audio encoding JavaScript library for WebAudio applications
javascript  audio  opensource  node.js 
19 hours ago by jshwlkr
Software for design of electronics hardware
diy  electronics  opensource  design 
21 hours ago by vibrog
ControlShift Labs - Distributed Organizing Campaign Platform

ControlShift is a set of web tools that helps your organization build community, leadership, and real power among your members. We are committed to moving beyond traditional broadcast campaigning and developing a culture of engaged, distributed organizing. Our partners are proving this model every day.
organisation  organising  movement  social  platform  opensource  software  tool 
yesterday by harcesz
Openness is the key to employee-centered workplaces |
3 tips for transforming into an employee-centered workplace
opensource  pebble 
yesterday by edan
halting problem : Dev v Ops
Interesting article on the culture clash between linux distributions and application developers
devops  opensource 
yesterday by jhealy
Craft beautiful forms in seconds
opensource  form  type-form  fb 
yesterday by nickwanhere
Postgres-XL is a horizontally scalable open source SQL database cluster based on PostgreSQL, flexible enough to handle varying database workloads. The partition tables would be appropriate for our case; looks heavy on the processing side, though.
postgresql  databases  scalability  clustering  opensource  work  tappsi 
yesterday by oscar-lopez

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