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Macaron - High productive & modular web framework in Go
A modular web framework for Go with middlewares that allow you to easily plugin/unplugin features for your Macaron applications.
golang  opensource  web-framework  REST  server  HTTP 
yesterday by liqweed
Vudash - Dashboards for just about anything
Dashboards for just about anything. Uses websockets for realtime updates. Integrates with a huge number of services. Familiar JSON configuration. Extensible plugin system.
dashboard  opensource  cool-tools  tools  JS 
yesterday by liqweed
docsify - Documentation site generator
A magical documentation site generator. Simple and lightweight. No statically built HTML files. Multiple themes.
documentation  static-site-generator  tools  opensource 
yesterday by liqweed
Javalin - Simple REST APIs for Java and Kotlin
Started as a fork of the Spark framework but quickly turned into a ground-up rewrite influenced by express.js and koa.js. All of these web frameworks are inspired by the modern micro web framework grandfather: Sinatra, so if you’re coming from Ruby then Javalin shouldn’t feel too unfamiliar.
Kotlin  web-framework  Java  REST  HTTP  server  opensource 
yesterday by liqweed
Monica - a CRM for your friends and family
Monica is a tool to manage your interactions with your loved ones, friends and family.
crm  inviction  goodidea  laravel  github  opensource  family  relationship  management 
yesterday by primathon
The Document Liberation Project was created to empower individuals, organizations, and governments to recover their data from proprietary formats and provide a mechanism to transition that data into open and standardised file formats, returning effective control over the content from computer companies to the actual authors. To achieve this, The Document Liberation Project develops software libraries that applications can use to read data in proprietary formats.
documentation  conversion  opensource  formats 
yesterday by euler
Puck.js - the JavaScript Bluetooth Beacon
open source JavaScript microcontroller you can program and debug wirelessly
hardware  javascript  opensource 
yesterday by jshwlkr

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