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The Grenfell tragedy is a direct result of the Tories’ openly declared war on health and safety | Pride's Purge
The Grenfell Tower tragedy was NOT an accident.

Health & safety was DELIBERATELY IGNORED to save money.

And ignoring health and safety at Grenfell was not a one-off case.

Since they came to power, the Tories and their friends in the right-wing tabloids have DEMONISED what they call the “health and safety monster”, because it harms the ability of private companies to make a profit.

Watch this video of David Cameron in 2012, openly DECLARING WAR on health and safety, and after you’ve watched the video, share it so people can see why we have to in turn declare war on a culture that puts our children’s lives at risk for the sake of profit:


via The Grenfell tragedy is a direct result of the Tories’ openly declared war on health and safety
IFTTT  The  Grenfell  tragedy  is  a  direct  result  of  Tories’  openly  declared  war  on  health  and  safety 
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Obama nominates openly gay service secretary to lead the Army
President Obama, in a historic first for the Pentagon, has chosen to nominate Eric Fanning to lead the Army, a move that would make him the first openly gay civilian secretary of one of the military services.

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obama  first  openly  gay  homosexual  secretary  lead  army 
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Julia Sweeney - Openly Secular - YouTube
Julia Sweeney, former SNL actress, loves the phrase "Openly Secular!" She thinks if everyone would say it, the world would be a better place and you'd be surprised at the positive reactions you might get.
IFTTT  YouTube  Julia  Sweeney  -  Openly  Secular 
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OCLC Openly Informatics Division
Openly Informatics, in partnership with OCLC, will continue its long-standing mission: to help researchers, scholars, libraries, merchants and publishers link their information together. We build software, systems and services that link people to informat
research  openly  xisbn  library  libraries  superpatron 
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