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Great questions already about applying to present at this year in our chat:
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july 2017 by mozillascience
Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland - Offenes Wissen für die digitale Gesellschaft
NGO with focus on making (public) data useful, especially for public purposes and to empower an open society. Close links to Wikimedia
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july 2017 by hirnsieb
RT : Make Internet great again! Lust auf , super KollegInnen, Kaffeeflat und das beste Office Berlins?…
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june 2017 by ckatzenbach
Pharma Company Seeking Digital Tech Partners | Science and Enterprise
Drug maker AstraZeneca is seeking partners to develop solutions with digital technology to accelerate clinical trials and improve health outcomes for patients. The deadline for proposals is 7 July 2017, but funds awarded for winning entries will negotiated separately.

The call for partners is conducted through InnoCentive in Walthan, Massachusetts that provides open-innovation, crowdsourcing competitions for corporate and organization sponsors, in this case AstraZeneca. Free registration is required to see full details of the competition.
astrazeneca  pharma  digitalhealth  openinnovation 
june 2017 by koenkas
Among the first steps in a much longer but fun process about .
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april 2017 by enkerli

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