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Premier versement du sur la plateforme avec un peu d' et de
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4 weeks ago by ljegou
Tools for building interactive textbooks.
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march 2019 by mjlassila
jeffgerickson/algorithms: Bug-tracking for Jeff's algorithms book, notes, etc.
Bug-tracking for Jeff's algorithms book, notes, etc. - jeffgerickson/algorithms
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march 2019 by omen
Category:Images donated by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service - Wikimedia Commons
Thanks to @StaffsFire, who have started to upload some of their fab images under #OpenLicence, for use on Wikipedia.

Which emergency service will be next?
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february 2019 by pigsonthewing
Zotero | Groups > Public Knowledge Project
An open access archive for works by members of the PKP community. Click on Alperin, Garnett, MacGregor, Smecher, Stranack, Willinsky for a more complete list of their publications on Google Scholar.
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november 2018 by Audiences
Open Knowledge Repository
repository of open source books, essays related to world economic trends.
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november 2018 by Audiences
UH OER Training – Simple Book Publishing
A three-part training guide for bringing higher education instructors up to speed with Open Educational Resources (OER). This book was developed to serve as a standalone guide for independent creators and to support OER training through face-to-face, online, and hybrid delivery modes.
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september 2018 by cogdog
Learning Analytics: Theory and Practice (CI 5371)
This course provides a general survey of learning analytics, emphasizing its application in various educational contexts.

This is the course website of CI 5371 - Learning Analytics: Theory and Practice offered in Fall ‘18 at the University of Minnesota. This course is fully online. All content published on this website is open to the public.
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september 2018 by cogdog
Free to Use Browser Extension | Labs | Library of Congress
Explore free to use images from the Library of Congress anytime you open a new tab!
august 2018 by cogdog

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