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OpenAPI Map
The OpenAPI Map (fka. OpenAPI Specification Visual Document) aims to help you find your way in the OpenAPI Specification (fka. Swagger Specification) documentation.
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1 hour ago by garrettc
RT : Did somebody write an swagger.yml file for htsget (in addition to the official text spec)?:…
OpenAPI  from twitter
yesterday by fiamh
API Security news, community, tools, standards, newsletter
" is a community website for all things related to API security. Our daily news and weekly newsletter cover the latest breaches, vulnerabilities, standards, best practices, regulations, and technology.

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7 days ago by earth2marsh
openapi-lint - Visual Studio Marketplace
"OpenAPI (Swagger) 2.0/3.0.x intellisense, validator, linter, converter, resolver"
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12 days ago by earth2marsh
Using swagger-codegen with ReactNative – Lupu Gabriel – Medium
Since you got here, you already know that ReactNative’s fetch()does not go along very well with the swagger-codegen generated JavaScript objects. For those of you who are not determined by the idea…
swagger  openapi  reactnative 
5 weeks ago by mszyndel
Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial - Part 8 - Splitting specification file | API Handyman
With previous posts we have learned to produce an OpenAPI specification containing all OpenAPI specification subtleties. Some specification files may become quite large or may contain elements which could be reused in other APIs.
6 weeks ago by AnthonyBaker

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