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Weights & Biases
We're building developer tools for deep learning. Add a couple lines of code to your training script and we'll keep track of your hyperparameters, system metrics, and outputs so you can compare experiments, see live graphs of training, and easily share your findings with colleagues.
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12 days ago by nharbour
Replicating GPT2–1.5B – Connor Leahy – Medium
"In this post, I want to quickly talk about the technical and organizational questions around my recent replication of GPT2–1.5B"
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6 weeks ago by arsyed
Sam Altman’s leap of faith | TechCrunch
Continued Altman, “We’ve made a soft promise to investors that, ‘Once we build a generally intelligent system, that basically we will ask it to figure out a way to make an investment return for you.'” When the crowd erupted with laughter (it wasn’t immediately obvious that he was serious), Altman himself offered that it sounds like an episode of “Silicon Valley,” but he added, “You can laugh. It’s all right. But it really is what I actually believe.”
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8 weeks ago by euler

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