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an open-source API Platform
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yesterday by lenciel
Free Open Data Sources
In simple terms, Open Data means the kind of data which is open for anyone and everyone for access, modification, reuse, and sharing. Open Data derives its base from various “open movements” such as open source, open hardware, open government, open science etc.
opendata  opensource 
yesterday by laiuydfoiu1
#1 Free Web Analytics Software
Enjoy the full benefits of a Premium Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization tool ALL in one place, while taking full control with 100% data ownership.
opensource  free  analytics  tracking  piwik  web 
yesterday by e2b
B612 – The font family
B612 is an highly legible open source font family designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens.
font  typography  readability  opensource 
yesterday by raphman
StrongSwan VPN role for Ansible
Supports Site-to-Site and IKEv1 (currently required by AWS)
vpn  opensource  ansible  role 
yesterday by markstos

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