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Talkyard is an open source q&a, discussion and chat platform. Seems aimed at the same crowd as disqus, discourse and co. (but open source).
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12 minutes ago by seanclynch
Archetypes of Open Source Projects
Nice description of different models for open source projects put together by Mozilla.
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54 minutes ago by seanclynch
K8s DevStats - Dashboards
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1 hour ago by summerwind
Cool Backgrounds
While finishing up a gradient generator project CSS Gradient (which launched earlier this year), I unexpectedly noticed the popularity of wallpaper and background images. Digging a bit deeper, I found this huge community of online sites that were curating wallpaper images from the eclectic Deviant Art crowd to the more modern creative commons image sites. While free static images are great, what was missing was a tool that enables non-technical folks to use all the emerging javascript libraries to create unique images of their own. So Cool Backgrounds was born
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4 hours ago by Chirael
Katran - High performance layer 4 load balancer
A cpp library and bpf program to build high performance layer 4 load balancing forwarding plane. katran leverages XDP infrastructure from the kernel to provide in-kernel facility for fast packet's processing. By Facebook.
networking  C  opensource  performance  proxy 
8 hours ago by liqweed
Fuse - Cross-platform mobile app development tool suite
A cross-platform mobile app development tool suite, supporting building Android and iOS applications.

With Fuse you can build native mobile user interfaces using the easy to learn UX Markup language, and use JavaScript to add business logic.
mobile  framework  opensource  Android  iOS 
8 hours ago by liqweed
OS - OpenStructures
Like grid beam but more flexible.
design  opensource  community  diy 
13 hours ago by adamshand
Airship - Platform for repeatable and predictable infrastructure lifecycle management
A collection of interoperable and loosely coupled open source tools that provide automated cloud provisioning and management in a declarative way.

Airship helps operators take control of their infrastructure, by providing a declarative framework for defining and managing the life cycle of open infrastructure tools and the hardware below. These tools include OpenStack for Virtual Machines, Kubernetes for container orchestration, and MaaS for bare metal, with support for OpenStack Ironic on the way.
Kubernetes  clustering  devops  automation  deployment  tools  platform  opensource 
17 hours ago by liqweed

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