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The Minimally-nice Open Source Software Maintainer
If you just want a TL;DR for seven techniques of the minimally-nice open source software maintainer, then jump straight to the summary. - Added April 09, 2017 at 01:04PM
23 hours ago by xenocid
data mutations is a collective and open source project conducted by individuals working with interactive software/videogame engines (based in berlin, st petersburg, moscow and elsewhere). in a first stage various assets were produced (audio, textures, 3d objects, shader code, long/short form text) that served as a “gene pool” of usable modules and building blocks. In a second stage the participants created nine individual projects (expressions or “phenotypes”) using the same assets.

the question this project seeks to inquire is: which kinds of experimental interactive systems are possible in the framework of commercial game engine if the pressure of time consuming, skill-heavy asset creation is circumvented by the creation of a collective gene pool? in this sense the focus shifts from specialist and meticulously pipelined craftsmanship as the prevalent mode of creation of commercial videogames to a potential opening for the exploration of concepts, personal readings of source material and new forms of collectivized artistic labour.

as a framework for art creation the 3d videogame engine poses a unique platform in the sense that it is able to deal with and requires a variety of used objects stored in different file formats. it sings to .mp3, .fbx, .shader, .txt and .png. it is fundamentally trans- or hyper-software, a mediator providing an ever shifting and reactive real-time-rendered connective tissue between those objects.

furthermore the project encourages further mutation of the gene pool as an exercise in collective expression. the full bundle of used assets is released under CCO license and can be downloaded on this website.
art  data  open-source  creativity 
yesterday by pgslr
Sandstorm is a self-hostable web productivity suite: chat, task and project management, document editing.
"Sandstorm protects you. Each document, chat room, mail box, notebook, blog, or anything else you create is a "grain" in Sandstorm. Sandstorm containerizes each one in its own secure sandbox from which it cannot talk to the world without express permission. All your grains are private until you share them. The result is that 95% of security vulnerabilities are automatically mitigated. "
security  collaboration  chat  email  tasks  project-management  open-source  self-hosted 
2 days ago by Psammead
Alternative app centre
A collection of open-source tools, apps and services recommended by Tactical Technology Collective for better privacy and control, plus a selection of guides, tutorials, and videos to help you better understand and manage your digital traces.
privacy  Tools  open-source  how-to  app 
2 days ago by Psammead
Jitsi meet
More secure, more flexible, and completely free video conferencing.

Go ahead, video chat with the whole team. In fact, invite everyone you know. Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free — with no account needed.
What else can you do with Jitsi Meet?

Share your desktop, presentations, and more
Invite users to a conference via a simple, custom URL
Edit documents together using Etherpad
Pick fun meeting URLs for every meeting
Trade messages and emojis while you video conference, with integrated chat.
free  open-source  teleconferencing  encrypted  video  meeting  teleconference 
2 days ago by Psammead
flatCore — lightweight Content Management System
flatCore is based on PHP and PDO/SQLite. The Core is as minimalistic as possible, but can be easily extended by the modular structure.
cms  blogging  software  open-source 
6 days ago by mikael
Free Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) | sciNote
sciNote is a free electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), that not only enables scientists to replace their paper notebook with a digital lab notebook, but offers exciting new possibilities for scientific data management.
collaboration  open-source  opensource 
6 days ago by gdw

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