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What Too Much Rain Can Do to Your Open-Air Pool
With more and more rain due to hit our area this season, it is important to realize what too much rain can do to your open-air pool in terms of damage.
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april 2019 by Adventure_Web
In Win launches the D-Frame 2.0 open-air chassis
In Win has launched its second open-air case, the aptly named D-Frame 2.0. The upgraded case will be available in various colors such as Black & Gold, Green, and Blue & White. It also happens to be among the first cases on the market to feature USB 3.1 Type-C ultra-high speed ports that provide up...

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In  Win  launches  the  D-Frame  2.0  open-air  chassis 
september 2016 by vrzone
Flicks From The Hill
"Grab a blanket, picnic under the stars, and watch a great film selection inspired by American Visionary Art Museum's current exhibition. The Hughes Family Outdoor Theater features seating for more than a thousand on the natural amphitheater formed by Federal Hill; a 30-foot wide screen held from above by Adam Kurtzman's Giant Golden Hand; a twinkling view of the city; and an amazing, all-ages, community experience..."
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july 2016 by Mykl
Summer Movies
The Wine Bin's "free outdoor summer movies run Saturday nights from Memorial Day Weekend through September in Historic Ellicott City, Maryland
outdoor  movies  summer  EllicottCity  Maryland  cinema  films  Saturdays  nights  evenings  Ellicott-City  EllicottCityMD  MD  free  entertainment  alfresco  openair  open-air 
july 2016 by Mykl
Cinema al Fresco
free on Friday evenings in July & August

Little Italy, Baltimore, Maryland
outdoor  movies  summer  Baltimore  Maryland  cinema  films  Fridays  evenings  July  August  Little-Italy  BaltimoreMD  MD  nights  free  entertainment  alfresco  openair  open-air  LittleItaly 
july 2016 by Mykl
Tours of Santa Fe - Loretto Lines Santa Fe Tours - Sightseeing - New Mexico
Santa Fe's most popular tour company since 1992, Loretto Line has recruited the best seasoned tour guides in Santa Fe. Our team of guides has been chosen for their enthusiasm, personality, academic backgrounds and professional experience, and they are among the finest tour guides you will find anywhere. Our Santa Fe guides are extensively trained, and many have in-depth knowledge in specialized areas such as archaeology, architecture, Santa Fe art and galleries, and the history of Santa Fe. Our familiar burgundy and white open-air trams are a familiar sight in Santa Fe, whether on the road for their 90-minutes tours or parked near the historic Loretto Chapel.
santa_fe  tours  tourism  open-air  tram  guide  new_mexico  Southwest 
may 2012 by modza
How New York Pay Phones Became Guerrilla Libraries - The Atlantic Cities
John Locke thinks people should read more. So in the past few months, the Columbia architecture grad has slipped around Manhattan with a sack of books and custom-made shelves, converting old pay phones into pop-up libraries.
micro_library  open-air  urban  libraries 
february 2012 by jpom
Open Air Library / KARO Architekten | ArchDaily
The open air library, we established in 2005 in an abandoned district centre in East Germany has been started with a public intervention, using beer crates as building material: On the fallow site of the former district library a 1:1 model of a possible Open-Air-Library has been build up for two days and the shelves have been filled with book donations. The residents took over the energy of the temporary project and opened up an informal district library near the site which now offers more than 20.000 books. The outdoor space as an addition has been designed together with the residents and opened in June this year.
micro_library  Germany  public_libraries  open-air  beer 
september 2011 by jpom

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