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DEPCHA - Digital Edition Publishing Cooperative for Historical Accounts
The depcha project looks to the potential of developing broad standards for producing semantically enriched digital editions of accounts. For its initial stage, the depcha project will bring together economic historians, scholarly editors, and technical experts to discuss and test emerging methods for semantic markup of account books.
accounting  austria  bookkeeping  cidoc  history  ontology 
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Digital Editions as a Graph – Modelling Cross-document Interdependencies in Medieval Charters of the St. Katharinenspital in Regensburg.
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Who are your waters? - e-flux Architecture - e-flux
According to the worldview of my ancestors, wai (water) is everything. To us, the Indigenous peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand, known collectively as Māori, we live daily with this knowledge through our language, stories, songs, laws, and histories. For example, in greeting someone new, we ask “Ko wai koe?” which queries “Who are you?” but more literally translates as “Who are your waters?” The answer will depend on which tribal nation that person belongs to... Wai means water, but also memory and “who.” These relational understandings of water influence a Māori way of knowing the world....

The Māori legal system is predominantly values, not rules, based. It encapsulates a certain way of life that depends on the relationships between all things, including between people and gods, different groups of people, and people and everything in the surrounding world. Key legal values include the importance of genealogy and intergenerational family relationships that link humans to sky, earth, mountains, and rivers; the respect of the life force of the lands and waters; and societal balance and hospitality. One key concept, utu (reciprocity), plays a regulatory role because everything given or taken requires a return of some kind in order to ensure similar acts of continued generosity and to maintain harmony and balance. Kaitiakitangai (guardianship) is another example of a term that “more than managing relations between environmental resources and humans… also involves managing relationships between people in the past, present and future.”...

Since the mid-1980s, New Zealand has seriously committed to reconciling with Māori. More than thirty “settlement statutes” have since been enacted throughout the country between Māori federations and the national government that provide financial, commercial, and cultural redress for government actions or inactions that breached the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Many of these settlement statutes recognize the specific importance of water to Māori identity, health, and wellbeing. Some have been particularly revolutionary in developing cultural redress options which give Māori joint environmental management responsibilities with regional governments for lakes and rivers. But none have gone far enough in disrupting the inherently colonial notion of either “no one owns water” or “water is the assumed property of the Government.” ...

In 2017, New Zealand gave legal status to the country’s third-longest river and all its tributaries, streams, lakes, and wetlands. Te Awa Tupua (the face of the Whanganui River) became a legal entity with “all the rights, powers, duties and liabilities of a legal person.”...

The Māori claimants’ case, sourced in the Treaty of Waitangi, argued that in 1840 Māori had full, undisturbed, and exclusive possession of all water. They claimed that the closest English cultural equivalent to express this Māori customary authority is “ownership.” And the Tribunal agreed: “Māori have little choice but to claim English-style property rights today as the only realistic way to protect their customary rights and relationships with their [treasures].” The claimants introduced a twelve point “indicia of ownership” framework for establishing customary proof of ownership...

While many countries are seeking to commence reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, the recognition of Indigenous laws, rights, interests, values, and practices is often superficial. New governance arrangements in New Zealand begin to unsettle this broad global trend. Those Māori tribal federations who have negotiated cultural redress have more than a representative seat at the management table. These legal and policy developments signal that the law can be used creatively to find redress in the quest for reconciliation (even when water ownership itself is avoided).... This recognition of Māori law inherently recognizes the Māori worldview, including the personification of lands and waters. Many of these water bodies are now recognized in law as having familial relationships with Māori federations. They enable a revival of Māori ways of valuing, caring for, and using water to co-exist alongside colonial national practices.
environment  ecology  resource_management  water  indigenous  ontology 
3 days ago by shannon_mattern
Tagsistant: semantic filesystem for Linux - Tagsistant
Tagsistant is a semantic filesystem for Linux and BSD kernels. Its tag based method to organize files let's you quickly search and find it. It's able to reason on tags, it allows the creation of external plugins to enhance its behavior and its Free Software!
archiving  ontology  semantic  tag  tagsistant  filesystem 
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[1904.07242] Topological phases without crystalline counterparts
Recent years saw the complete classification of topological band structures, revealing an abundance of topological crystalline insulators. Here we theoretically demonstrate the existence of topological materials beyond this framework, protected by quasicrystalline symmetries. We construct a higher-order topological phase protected by a point group symmetry that is impossible in any crystalline system. Our tight-binding model describes a superconductor on a quasicrystalline Ammann-Beenker tiling which hosts localized Majorana zero modes at the corners of an octagonal sample. The Majorana modes are protected by particle-hole symmetry and by the combination of an 8-fold rotation and in-plane reflection symmetry. We find a bulk topological invariant associated with the presence of these zero modes, and show that they are robust against large symmetry preserving deformations, as long as the bulk remains gapped. The nontrivial bulk topology of this phase falls outside all currently known classification schemes.
materials-science  simulation  classification  ontology  rather-interesting  tiling  symmetry  out-of-the-box  define-your-terms  topology  to-understand 
26 days ago by Vaguery
Rethinking ‘Advanced Search’: A New Approach to Complex Query Formulation | SpringerLink
Knowledge workers such as patent agents, recruiters and media monitoring professionals undertake work tasks where search forms a core part of their duties. In these instances, the search task often involves the formulation of complex queries expressed as Boolean strings. However, creating effective Boolean queries remains an ongoing challenge, often compromised by errors and inefficiencies. In this demo paper, we present a new approach to query formulation in which concepts are expressed on a two-dimensional canvas and relationships are articulated using direct manipulation. This has the potential to eliminate many sources of error, makes the query semantics more transparent, and offers new opportunities for query refinement and optimisation.
via:mymarkup  get-at:researchgate  search  user-interface  user-experience  ontology  usability  rather-interesting  representation 
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DataCite Schema

DataCite Metadata Working Group. (2019). DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation for the Publication and Citation of Research Data. Version 4.2. DataCite e.V. https://doi.org/10.5438/bmjt-bx77


DataCite Metadata Working Group. (2019). DataCite Metadata Schema for the Publication and Citation of Research Data. Version 4.2. DataCite e.V. http://doi.org/10.5438/rv0g-av03


Addition of new dateType “Withdrawn”
Addition of new relationType pair: IsObsoletedBy and Obsoletes
Addition of new relatedIdentifierType “w3id”
Addition of new subproperties for Rights:
Addition of the XML language attribute to the properties Creator, Contributor and Publisher for organizational names.


Full DataCite XML example
Example for software
Example for a data paper
Example for a simple dataset
Example with complicated values
Example with DataCollector as Contributor and a geoLocation box
Example with GeoLocation
Example with Polygon
Example with HasMetadata as related resource
Example with IsIdenticalTo as related resource
Example with ResearchGroup as Contributor and Methods as Description
Example with Collection as ResourceType
Example with Video as ResourceType
Example for a workflow ResourceType
Example with fundingReference
siparcs  metadata  ontology 
6 weeks ago by quamash
You Keep Using This Phrase, “Adult Human Females”
The phrase “trans women are women” is not really a claim about how someone “identifies” at all; it is a claim about how trans women are treated, how we came to be, what it is like to be in our bodies. These are realities grounded in the facts of social being, not phantasmatic identification.
trans  women  ontology 
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