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Residential Electricity Rates | Toronto Hydro Corporation
translating the prices into human...

per kwh it is extra 1.499¢ (transmission) + 0.599¢ (distribution) + 0.39¢ ("wholesale market service charge") = 2.488¢ = $0.0248

and per 30 days it's $40.07 ("customer charges") + $0.25 ("standard supply service")

plus 5% federal sales tax on top of the whole thing

$0.1647/kWh on-peak including sales tax lol

and $0.094374/kWh off-peak

you'd have to use 244 kWh in a 30 day period to even equal the flat service charge ... our peak usage last winter was 3.744 kWh per day (would be 224 kWh per 30 days, but not all 30 days where this high), in Vancouver I got up to 270 kWh per 30 days heating a 50 sqm apartment with electricity
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9 days ago by jarek
Ford government considering ways to speed up evictions | The Star
Premier Doug Ford’s government is looking at ways to make it easier for landlords to evict tenants by shortening the waiting periods for eviction notices and allowing private bailiffs to remove renters, the Star has learned.
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10 days ago by jbfink
Une meilleure façon d’avancer : Plan stratégique triennal de l’Ontario contre le racisme
Publié en 2018 sous le gouvernement de Kathleen Wynne, première ministre de l'Ontario.
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15 days ago by kmo
Rivers of Hope - a toolkit on islamophobic violence, by and for Muslim women
"This Toolkit is based on Sidrah Ahmad’s Master’s Research Project at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. In the summer of 2017, Sidrah interviewed 21 Muslim women survivors of Islamophobic violence in Toronto and its surrounding regions. She compiled this research into an M.A. thesis, which will be available online in July 2018." Solidarity with indigenous and Black women. PDF at https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/98cbd4_08d80b9386734f99a0bbf20b25676669.pdf.
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5 weeks ago by kmo

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