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Web-scraping policy - Office for National Statistics
sets out the practices and procedures that Office for National Statistics (ONS) staff will follow when carrying out web-scraping or using web-scraped data.
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21 days ago by paulbradshaw
ONS Postcode Directory (May 2018)
This is the ONS Postcode Directory (ONSPD) for the United Kingdom as at May 2018 in Comma Separated Variable (CSV) and ASCII text (TXT) formats. The ONSPD relates both current and terminated postcodes in the United Kingdom to a range of current statutory administrative, electoral, health and other area geographies.
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8 weeks ago by brunns
How green is your street? - Office for National Statistics
The percentage of greenery in a given street was calculated using Google Streetview images and assigning a category to every pixel.
Categories include vegetation, cars, pedestrians, buildings, and sky.
For more information, read the technical report by the Data Science Campus.
ons  environment  dj  ai  streetview  images 
november 2018 by paulbradshaw
ONS Guren LN Masterpost
แปลนิยาย Owari no Seraph
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november 2018 by xiuxiu

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