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Scoop: Facebook aiming to launch News for Watch this summer - Axios
Timely news video is the latest step in our strategy to make targeted investments in new types of programming on Facebook Watch... As part of our broader effort to support quality news on Facebook, we plan to meet with a wide-range of potential partners to develop, learn and innovate on news programming tailored to succeed in a social environment. Our early conversations have been encouraging, and we're excited about the possibilities ahead.”
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6 days ago by paulbradshaw
Twitter's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Live Stream Was Part Of A New Initiative
Twitter is starting to show live, local news broadcasts in a live streaming window next to its timeline during major breaking news events.

Twitter's initiative to air these videos is currently rolled out across the platform, a company spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed News. The company will rely on a set of partnerships with local news stations to select the footage.
Twitter  live  onlineVideo  broadcast  streaming 
4 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Journalist (Digital Video) BBC News Online - North West | Jobs and careers with BBC
The role will offer the opportunity to help lead on new ways of video storytelling on the BBC’s digital and social platforms. Working with the Digital Editor and SJ's, you would produce video news and features for the BBC News website, Facebook and Twitter. This will involve creating digital video from existing material and filming original content using mobile journalism equipment. There will also be the opportunity to work alongside other teams around English Regions and produce content for the mobile-first Videos of the Day platform. You would be expected to bring in original story ideas and to develop strong video editing skills.
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6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
'We're pivoting to words': Slate says podcasts are now 25 percent of revenue - Digiday
Slate has been doing podcasts for a dozen years and now has 24 under its belt, which it said account for 25 percent of its business. This year, Slate is doubling its dedicated podcasting staff from five to 10 with plans to launch a few more shows, including a second season of “Slow Burn,” its hit show about the history of Watergate; and a new one with star author Michael Lewis called “Against the Rules.” In 2015, it used its podcasting know-how to create Panoply, a podcast network for media brands, authors and personalities. This year, it will separate its Slate-branded podcasts from the rest of Panoply so it can fully control ad sales of its premium shows. Video, in contrast, makes up less than 10 percent of Slate’s content.

Slate is also increasing its text-based staff by 20 percent, contrary to a lot of publishers that laid off writers to staff up for video. These priorities will be evident in a new site design launching Jan. 16, which will feature new ways to promote podcasts (and eventually a player so visitors can sample shows without leaving the site) and stronger navigation to make it easier for visitors to see all the journalism Slate offers.
podcasts  s  t  slate  onlineVideo  fb 
8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle – Medium
A friend who works in digital video described to me what it would take to make something like this: a small studio of people (half a dozen, maybe more) making high volumes of low quality content to reap ad revenue by tripping certain requirements of the system (length in particular seems to be a factor). According to my friend, online kids’ content is one of the few alternative ways of making money from 3D animation because the aesthetic standards are lower and independent production can profit through scale. It uses existing and easily available content (such as character models and motion-capture libraries) and it can be repeated and revised endlessly and mostly meaninglessly because the algorithms don’t discriminate — and neither do the kids.
Youtube  children  onlinevideo  algorithms  review  critique  author:JamesBridle  Medium  2017 
11 weeks ago by inspiral
Why don’t people trust the news and social media? A new report lets them explain in their own words » Nieman Journalism Lab
Video is a key driver of trust. If you want people to trust what you say, show, don’t tell. Because television is seen as less open to manipulation compared to text and photos, respondents said that the presence of visuals gives them more confidence that a news report is true. “Usually, the news media can offer images or video or interviews or statements that show what they are reporting or that they are from official sources,” said one respondent in Australia.
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december 2017 by paulbradshaw
How vertical video is driving the BBC's mobile traffic  - Digiday
RT : Hurrah! Vertical video has been a huge success for the BBC’s news app: videos viewed per user up by 20%
bbc  vertical  onlineVideo  Mobile  stats  from twitter
november 2017 by paulbradshaw
(Open to external applicants) Video Journalist, BBC Jersey | Jobs and careers with BBC
(Open to external applicants) Video Journalist, BBC Jersey | Jobs and careers with BBC
bbc  ojjobs  t  onlineVideo 
november 2017 by paulbradshaw
Inside AdWords: Bring more foot traffic to your business with YouTube and Display ads
People watching your videos will see your address, directions and business hours—right in the ad. You can then use store visits measurement to see how your video campaigns drive foot traffic and measure their performance against other online and traditional marketing channels, like television, print and radio ads.
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november 2017 by JohnDrake

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