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The Atlantic's shift to subscriptions is delayed - Digiday
„ extensive qualitative research program designed to help many parts of the organization turn The Atlantic into a habit-forming title.“
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21 days ago by fabianmohr
Digitales Erinnern | Jüdische Allgemeine
Mit Online-Angeboten bereiten sich Gedenkstätten auf die Zeit ohne Zeitzeugen vor
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5 weeks ago by fabianmohr
Digital Media: What Went Wrong - The New York Times
For years, BuzzFeed seemed to be leading the journalism industry toward a brave new future. Now that it has stumbled, the way ahead looks more old-school than ever.
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7 weeks ago by fabianmohr
A return to destination journalism // Nieman Journalism Lab
“ time spent on mobile continues to rise, the battle is not just for the lock screen, but for readers to have our site or app front of mind when they’re thinking of how to spend the next five minutes of phone fiddling.”
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11 weeks ago by fabianmohr
What do you take as an and a out of 3 yrs part time studies towards MA in ?…
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august 2018 by paulbradshaw

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