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gestion de monitorización y de incidencias con inteligencia artificial
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4 hours ago by pacoalcaide
Does everybody deserve help with their online reputation? Insight into our decision making
First, to provide some background. BrandYourself is an online reputation management company that helps individuals and businesses clean up, protect, and improve their online reputation and privacy. In an age of cyber-bullying, revenge porn, online hate sites and inadequate online privacy laws, we believe that everybody deserves the power to protect their reputation and privacy on the web.
You can read more about the company here, here and here, but essentially, if something negative gets posted about you online, we can help you counteract it by creating content that highlights the positive aspects of your personal story or brand. We can’t undo or hide the negatives, but we can help balance them out.
One of the more challenging aspects of running an online reputation management company is deciding when to turn down clients. How do we make sure we uphold BrandYourself’s overarching philosophy–every person/business deserves a voice in how they are being portrayed online–while remaining true to our own company morals.- We don’t want to work with people who have done truly horrible things.
Since the company’s inception, this is something we’ve continued to think long and hard about.
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7 hours ago by rgl7194 | markup generator for mailto links
A quick and easy way to generate markup for those annoying mailto links.
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8 hours ago by derekbalmer
Complex Math Made Simple With Engaging Animations @ open culture
Complex Math Made Simple With Engaging Animations: Fourier Transform, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Neural Networks & More | Open Culture
education  animation  online  free  opensource  tutorials 
11 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math
"Our mission is to help every student learn math and love learning math. We accomplish that goal by building products and partnerships. First, we built our best-in-class HTML5 Desmos graphing calculator, which millions of students around the world use for free, including students who are blind or visually-impaired. Our partners have also embedded the calculator in digital curricula and on digital assessments so students spend less time worrying about technology and more time thinking about math. More recently, we've built hundreds of digital activities, covering grades 6-12 and expanding quickly to other areas of math. Those activities take advantage of everything that makes computers special. They invite students to create their own mathematical ideas, rather than just consuming ours. They encourage students to share their creations with each other, rather than with a grading algorithm. We distribute those activities for free on our website and through partnerships with curriculum publishers."
mathematics  education  pedagogy  online  tool 
yesterday by tsuomela

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