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Inside the New York Times town hall.
Always fascinating to get insight into the debates around language at a major media outlet like NYT.
nyt  media  medialiteracy  politics  onfocus 
8 days ago by pb
Music for Programming (2019 edition) - Bradley Nice - Medium
Nice collection of in-the-zone music. No mention of the Flow State newsletter?! Travesty!
music  programming  onfocus 
10 days ago by pb
Why Aren’t We Talking About LinkedIn? - The New York Times
"Scaling job two — looking good at work — up to a social network creates a new sort of venue: a non-office office, with thousands of bosses, none of them yours, all of them potentially watching."
media  work  onfocus  social  life 
12 days ago by pb
Trump’s racist tweets: is the media part of the problem? - Vox
The spectacle is merciless but can the media change that fact with selective attention? I like Ezra Kline's thought here: "Perhaps offense and bigotry should be understood as Trump’s baseline — newsworthy, just as the central projects of other leaders are newsworthy, but not worthy of blanket coverage upon every utterance."
community  media  racism  onfocus 
13 days ago by pb
Secretly Public Domain
Most books published before 1964 are in the public domain even though copyright has been extended to cover things by default after 1923.
books  copyright  onfocus 
22 days ago by pb
Presentable #68: How Design Ruined the Internet - Relay FM
Jeff Veen and Mike Monteiro discuss Ruined by Design.
design  books  podcasts  onfocus 
25 days ago by pb
Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation – Dan Slimmon
This is a great idea: move from a checklist to an automation environment because you'll be more likely to automate pieces as you can.
scripting  infrastructure  onfocus  programming 
4 weeks ago by pb
Facebook Negotiated Its Rules - Bloomberg
"...Americans are biased toward thinking of bad things as being already illegal, always illegal, illegal by definition and by nature and in themselves. If the thing that Facebook did was so bad, then it must have been illegal, so there is no need for a new law against it."
onfocus  government  law  facebook 
4 weeks ago by pb
AMPRNet | Amateur Radio Digital Communications
Interesting story about some amateur radio folks who acquired a block of IP addresses in the early internet days and recently sold them to Amazon for millions of dollars to fund amateur radio grants.
amazon  infrastructure  onfocus 
4 weeks ago by pb
The Comfortably Dumb – On my Om
Om Malik tapped into a current of mistrust around smart device features sponsored by the big four after he wrote about his mistrust. Even my first generation Sonos speakers attempt to phone home frequently and I block that with a pi-hole. When I wanted to add a room recently I purchased a used first gen on eBay because I will not purchase one that includes an always-on microphone.
onfocus  privacy  google  hardware  amazon 
5 weeks ago by pb
How to run a small social network site for your friends
Darius Kazemi describes running a modified Mastodon instance for 50 friends. This would be a good future for social media.
onfocus  social  community  mastodon  decentralization  software 
5 weeks ago by pb
National Parks | Field Notes
I'm already a big fan but Field Notes really knocked this Nation Parks edition out of the, um, recreation enclosure.
hardware  marketing  onfocus 
6 weeks ago by pb
Stop Learning Frameworks – The Principal Developer by Eduards Sizovs
Sage advice: "Invest 80% of your learning time in fundamentals. Leave 20% for frameworks, libraries and tools."
productivity  onfocus  programming  learning 
6 weeks ago by pb

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