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Oneplus 3 Hanging and Having forced to do Reboot - OnePlus Forums
It's 2 screws at the bottom, make sure SIM tray is out, use a plastic wedge tool to unsnap base all the way around. Comes apart in about 10 seconds, and that's being slow and careful. I do it in 5.

See YouTube for examples, step by step
oneplus3  oneplus 
2 days ago by tulbox
OnePlus 6 Review—A series of downgrades is saved by the low price • Ars Technica
Ron Amadeo:
<p>The OnePlus 6 is a worse phone than the OnePlus 5T. The new SoC is nice, but other than that we get downgrades in the form of a higher price, a switch from metal to glass, and a smaller, harder-to-use fingerprint reader. I guess it speaks to just how good of a phone the OnePlus 5T was, then, that OnePlus can throw a round of downgrades at the design and still end up with a phone that can stand up to the competition. I feel like the company could have done a much better job than this, but at the end of the day the phone is still $300 cheaper than the competition for similar specs.

OnePlus is hesitant to stand behind its products with a solid support policy, which makes me just as hesitant to recommend them. The company won't commit to a support timeframe for major OS updates, and it doesn't provide consistent, stable monthly security updates. This is something you'd get from almost any other flagship phone manufacturer and something Nokia/HMD provides even on lower-end phones. If you're the type that doesn't mind getting your hands dirty and flashing OS upgrades yourself from a third-party, then OnePlus' shaky support isn't as much of a concern.

If the 6 was $800, it would be a completely forgettable, generic device, like the LG G7. It's not $800, though; it's way cheaper than that.</p>

A weird idea: the new phone is a downgrade from the older, but cheaper. If OnePlus can make a profit this way, good luck to it.
oneplus  smartphone 
8 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Oneplus 6 - angesehen -
Oneplus hat sein neues Smartphone Oneplus 6 veröffentlicht. Das Gerät hat ein Display mit Einbuchtung, Qualcomms schnellen Snapdragon-845-SoC und eine Dualkamera auf der Rückseite.
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9 weeks ago by andreaskoch
OnePlus 6 Hands-on: A Dream Phone for Power Users on a Budget
while it costs more than any OnePlus phone before it at $529, the OnePlus 6 continues to test the limits on what kind of features you can squeeze into a device that costs hundreds less than flagships with similar specs.
OnePlus  gadgetluv  mobile 
9 weeks ago by jasonsamuels

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