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A Hundred Happy Things by busaikko (Stargate Atlantis, McKay/Sheppard, 30 600 words)
Harlequin AU (no Stargate). Kaleb's long gone, Jeannie's got a career, Madison has problems, Rodney's got Inner Power!, and Sheppard. . . is pretty much the same.
fic  sga  au  mckay/sheppard  alwaysagirl  transgender  kidfic  onearth  angst  family  by:busaikko  nc-17 
january 2012 by inna
Just Like the Richard Gere Movieby miss_porcupine (SGA, John Sheppard gen, 1200 words)
"I don't care what you think of him, Sergeant," Sumner growled at Mackinaw, getting right in his face like a drill instructor. "He has a gold leaf on his collar and that means that everyone in this room but me calls him 'sir'. Do I make myself clear?"

There was only one acceptable answer and Mackinaw gave it. "Sir! Yes sir!"
fic  sga  gen  onearth  pre-series  outsidepov  by:miss_pocupine 
september 2011 by inna
sga_santa: Fic: Aphorism (McKay/Sheppard, PG13)
Senator Hogan (aka John's mom) is the new Chair of Armed Services Committee, and is coming to Atlantis for a visit. John is panicking.
sga  pg13  mckay/sheppard  family  onearth  post-series  rec-ladyra 
june 2010 by ultimateficarchiver
There's No Such Thing as Daniel Jackson
Six months after a devastating attack against Earth, Sheppard gets a promotion and a reassignment to Russia, where he encounters evil aliens, Rodney McKay, SG-1, a possible plot against him -- and a series of unexplained visions.
sga  mckay/sheppard  eleveninches  sg1  crossover  pg13  onearth  rec-recroom  rec-sgarecfestival  alternatetimeline  rec-polyfandomrecs  rec-stargateficrec  apocafic  rec-theantimodel  50  000words  classic-unamaga  delicious>150  rec-unamaga-greatesthits 
march 2008 by ultimateficarchiver

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