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Marketing doesn't stop when you've acquired a customer
Simply put, we market our product to our current customers. We measure our impact by changes in behavior with our product. Did we activate new signups, expand their usage, and retain them over time?
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3 days ago by 1luke2
More Than 500 User Experiences Categorized Into 8 UI / Patterns For You to Use…
UX  Onboarding  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by blueroot
GoDaddy's Updated Interactive Website Builder
Domain name registrar GoDaddy helps businesses claim an online name they can use to bring their ideas and work to the world. But a domain name without a website does little good.
design  onboarding 
9 days ago by roboto
Good Questions, Bad Asks: The UX Of Questions In User Onboarding
There are two parts to questions in user onboarding: what questions you ask and how you ask them. Let me explain.
design  onboarding 
9 days ago by roboto
Zuora's Exhaustive User Onboarding Tour
Zuora's full-stack subscription management technologies support businesses in all their subscription management needs. Zuora's list of features includes quoting, ordering, billing, recognizing revenue, reporting and automating the entire customer lifecycle.
design  onboarding  product 
9 days ago by roboto
Alli Blum on Twitter: "Instead of inviting new users to read or watch a lengthy Ultimate Guide to Your Product, invite them to complete one specific action that will help them be successful.… https://t.co/HHFh7TydLC"
Instead of inviting new users to read or watch a lengthy Ultimate Guide to Your Product, invite them to complete one specific action that will help them be successful.
10 days ago by 1luke2

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