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Adding a New Strategy to OmniAuth
omniauth  rails  gem  development 
may 2019 by arubis
Rails. Omniauth with devise (github example) | Codementor
def github
@user = User.from_omniauth(request.env["omniauth.auth"])
sign_in_and_redirect @user
omniauth  github 
september 2018 by roger
#353 OAuth with Doorkeeper (pro) - RailsCasts
Short Ruby on Rails screencasts containing tips, tricks and tutorials. Great for both novice and experienced web developers.
doorkeeper  oauth2  omniauth 
january 2018 by aaronmcadam
How To Configure Devise and OmniAuth for Your Rails Application | DigitalOcean
Devise and OmniAuth let you add modern login features to your Ruby on Rails application. Learn how to let users log in to your app with DigitalOcean, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and more.
oauth2  omniauth 
january 2018 by aaronmcadam
Working with Facebook using Devise, Omniauth, Koala and Rails 5
That’s why I will guide you through a simple Rails 5 application that works with Facebook using devise, OmniAuth Facebook and Koala. So let’s begin!
facebook  oauth  rails  ruby  omniauth  koala 
july 2017 by hp
Working with Facebook using Devise, Omniauth, Koala and Rails 5
The feature that possibly every developer had to implement at some point in their career is user authentication. In some cases, you might want to make use of Facebook accounts to facilitate the login…
facebook  programming  rails  ruby  omniauth  devise  oauth 
june 2017 by robknight
Using Microsoft ADFS with Ruby on Rails and Omniauth
Using Microsoft ADFS with Ruby on Rails and Omniauth - FederationMetadata.xml
adfs  omniauth  rails  ruby  programming  authentication  sso 
march 2017 by vesan

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