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medmain/deepr: A specification for invoking remote methods, deeply!
"GraphQL introduced a powerful idea — the ability to invoke multiple methods in a single call, and more importantly, the ability to invoke methods based on the results of other methods. However, we feel that the design of GraphQL is not quite right. Some crucial points are missing and some features should be removed or implemented at different layers of the stack.

First of all, with GraphQL it is not possible to invoke methods on collections. When we specify a query for a collection, it is executed on the elements of the collection, but not on the collection itself. To solve this issue, it is necessary to introduce some additional models, as Relay does with the Connections. We think that such a solution adds complexity and confusion.

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11 days ago by earth2marsh
War Lol GIF by Learn Something Every Day - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF lol, wtf, omg, cars, war, doodle, hitler, nazi, learn, fact, beetle, beep, road rage Giphy ______
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