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A/B/O: Adventures in Fake Science. - Hells Bartender (Firebog)
An attempt to scientifically explain a/b/o AUs and it's SUPER INTERESTING. 23,000 words of fake science! OMG!

"This is an attempt to bash weird porny a/b/o dynamics fiction over the head with science. Not that anyone asked for it.

So how the hell does a/b/o sex determination work? And why did a trinary sex determination system evolve in higher vertebrates alongside a binary sex determination system? Why aren't omega males dying in droves from massive uterine infections? Alpha females, what's up with that? Come on in and I shall tell you the very best in fake science and evolutionary history.

Part theorizing, part helpful guide. This one goes out to all you people who just want fictional worlds to make sense. I'm right there with you."
fandom  meta  omegaverse 
29 days ago by littlerhymes
Freed of His Chains
All witches and wizards have a second gender that they become aware of on their sixteenth birthday, and just as much of it is affected by their upbringing as their DNA. Harry suspects that Dumbledore has something sinister planned and seeks help in one of the most unlikely of places. Will he find a happiness that he thought was forever lost to him? Or will he only delay the inevitable?
fanfic  chaptered  wip  slash  harrypotterseries  harry/lucius  omegaverse  06/10 
6 weeks ago by excentryke
A Heated Tumble in the Sheets - Akira_of_the_Twilight - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Because when I mentioned on tumblr that I was considering writing smut, two of the responses were requests for an A/B/O AU and, I quote, "Ot3 smut with Steve and Bucky double teaming Tony the right way."
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  established  Akira_of_the_Twilight  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  heat  pwp 
6 weeks ago by southerly
Kind Men by quigonejinn
D/s-ish-verse retelling of Captain America: The First Avenger. When the time comes, Erskine doesn't throw a grenade onto the training ground.
Abuse  <3  Avengers  steve/bucky  other/steve  Angst  hurt/nocomfort  steve/peggy  AU  bdsm  omegaverse  d/s 
7 weeks ago by kitsune_kitana
Take me Down (I Don't Have Fall to Fall)
Mike's an omega who's used to looking after himself. Harvey's intent on changing that.
fanfic  oneshot  complete  slash  omegaverse  suits  harvey/mike  08/10 
11 weeks ago by excentryke
The Ultimate Challenge
Just like every year, "The Fight", the city's most prestigious boxing tournament for Alphas, is about to determine the Alpha Champion of the year. Of course, Harvey takes part in it, ready to defend his title.

The training period is long and, because to have a Winning Champion on staff is also a huge asset to a law firm like Pearson Hardman, as a contestant Harvey is granted special treatment and he's being cut a lot of slack during the preparation time and the tournament itself.

Nevertheless, Harvey has an important part at the firm, so he has to be kept in the loop at all times, and his signatures and his decisions are constantly needed, so his associate Mike Ross (a closeted omega posing for a beta) has to drive to the gym in a shady part of town on a daily basis to deliver files, to get Harvey's signature and to brief him on the goings-on at the firm.

Even though Mike knows deep down that Harvey is as much his Alpha as he is Harvey's omega, he shies away from any kind of (romantic and/or sexual) relationship with Harvey. He's not going to give up what he's been fighting to maintain his entire life: his independence.
fanfic  chaptered  complete  slash  suits  harvey/mike  omegaverse  08/10 
11 weeks ago by excentryke
an exceedingly mutually understood and well coordinated time - Prim_the_Amazing - Marvel Cinematic Universe
“What are you two talking about over there,” Steve calls out from the other bed.

“Your dumb ass,” Sam says.

“Bucky Barnes’ true location,” Natasha says.

“Don’t tease him like that,” Sam says.

“I’m going to sleep,” Steve decides.
action/adventure  fic  het  humor  slash  moresome  omegaverse  rating:r  fandom:avengers  length:5000-15000  pairing:steve/bucky  telepathy  au  pairing:misc 
12 weeks ago by zimaya
Pheromones and Recirculated Air Should Not Be Mixed - uofmdragon - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Clint is used to being left behind since his heats last longer than it takes to resupply ship, but he really likes this ship and working with Coulson.
Avengers  Fanfiction  AU  Hurt/Comfort  Slash  Lime  Clint/Coulson  GetTogether  Omega!clint  OmegaVerse  Oneshot 
august 2018 by Dohwa
Hot Sauce Should Never Be in the Recirculated Air, Even by Accident (or Pheromones, Remixed)(Twice) - florahart - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
So Clint is an omega, in principle, but what good is being an omega if your heats don't work right and take a million years every time and also aren't even appealing to alphas? All that does is piss off all and sundry (including self) and so fine, he finds a workaround. Except... the workaround backfires kind of spectacularly? Because of course it does; this is Clint we are talking about. Except. You know what, maybe it fired in the right direction after all. Huh.
Avengers  Fanfiction  AU  Hurt/Comfort  Slash  Smut  Clint/Coulson  GetTogether  Omega!clint  OmegaVerse  Heat  Oneshot 
august 2018 by Dohwa
To Court a Monster: Suits Edition
Harvey Specter had given little thought to taking a mate. The Dominant was thirty-nine, at the height of his prime, and enjoying himself immensely humiliating one Human after another using their own legal system. Being an apex predator in New York provided endless amounts of entertainment. It also helped that he was stupidly rich.

So no, he'd never really given any thought into trying to find a Submissive. The Roux-ga-Roux were fairly rare now a days - rare enough that if the Human's knew about them they'd be considered endangered - and Harvey really didn't have the time to go scouring about in search of a mate.

And then Rick Sorkin - Mike Ross - a Submissive with a nervous smile and the bluest eyes Harvey has ever seen, chooses to hide in his interview room.

And Harvey suddenly wants nothing else.
fanfic  suits  chaptered  abandoned  slash  harvey/mike  omegaverse  07/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
In Sober Day
Five years before Mike Ross interrupts Harvey Specter’s law firm interviews with a suitcase full of pot, he meets Tony Stark at a party in Malibu.
fanfic  xover  crossover  suits  avengers  ironman  slash  chaptered  abandoned  11/10  omegaverse  harvey/mike  mike/tony 
august 2018 by excentryke
Imperfect Perfection

Mike Ross has never been comfortable with being an Omega. When he is called into an interview with Harvey Specter, Alpha, he is forced to re-evaluate all of his preconceptions.

fanfic  suits  chaptered  complete  omegaverse  slash  harvey/mike  07/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
The Strange Courtship of Mike Ross
Mike Ross has been arrested for drug running, but because of his Omega status he cannot be thrown in jail. So he and his partner in crime have been turned over to the National Commission for Omega Rehabilitation, where they will be force-bonded to upstanding Alphas.

Harvey Specter was just doing a favor for a friend, but when a frightened Omega (literally) crashes into his life, he steps into a role he never expected.
fanfic  suits  chaptered  complete  omegaverse  slash  harvey/mike  09/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
Safe in Your Soul

Suits AU (alpha/omega) - Mike Ross is Harvey Specter's mate. Harvey doesn't share.
fanfic  suits  chaptered  complete  slash  omegaverse  harvey/mike  05/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
Probably Me
Suits AU (alpha/omega) - Harvey was having a horrible day when he met Mike. Things went downhill from there.


fanfic  suits  omegaverse  chaptered  complete  harvey/mike  slash  11/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
Lasso the Moon
Despite the fact that he benefits the most from society's hierarchy, Harvey resents his biology sometimes. He wants to be successful just because he's Harvey, not because he's an Alpha.

After Mike's parents are killed in a car accident, he's enrolled in Pearson Hardman Academy, an elite boarding school. He isn't used to the special treatment his status as an Omega earns him there, but that doesn't mean he doesn't see its benefits.
fanfic  suits  chaptered  complete  slash  harvey/mike  10/10  omegaverse 
august 2018 by excentryke
Mike visits a gentleman's omega club just to talk to someone. The omega that comes to his table is Harvey.
TBR  fanfic  suits  chaptered  complete  slash  harvey/mike  omegaverse 
august 2018 by excentryke
Jukebox Hero
Harvey doesn't want to spend his evening bailing out a rockstar wannabe until he meets Mike Ross.

fanfic  oneshot  complete  suits  harvey/mike  slash  07/10  omegaverse 
august 2018 by excentryke
destined to be
Harvey is an alpha who has no room for relationships in his life which is why he is still unbonded. But he's 40 years old and his biology is catching up with him, making him aggressive and making him act out. Jessica gives him an ultimatum. He has to find a mate and bond with him before he can go back to his office and do his job again. So he goes to the registry and they find a compatible mate for him, a 22 year old orphan, a genius and erstwhile drug addict, Mike Ross.
fanfic  suits  chaptered  complete  slash  harvey/mike  08/10  omegaverse 
august 2018 by excentryke

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