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How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Made In Italy
Italy is one of the world’s largest producers of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, as it is an essential ingredient in Italian cuisine. Learn more about extra virgin olive oil and how it is made in Italy!
olive-oil  italy  italian-food 
28 days ago by Adventure_Web
olive oil fraud
Even here in the UK, we do not lag behind when it comes to cases of olive oil where the bottled oils do not match the quality advertised on the label.
april 2018 by CarmenAguilar
¿Qué es el Panel Test?
Asociación Española de la Industria y el Comercio Exportador del Aceite de Oliva
olive-oil  spain  legal 
february 2018 by CarmenAguilar
Request for information under Freedom of Information (FOI) concerning the RPA’s olive oil testing programme – 16 October 2017 - GOV.UK
Request for information under Freedom of Information (FOI) concerning the RPA’s olive oil testing programme – 16 October 2017
olive-oil  uk  foi 
february 2018 by CarmenAguilar
Eggplant Parmesan Recipe on Food52
Cait's fave. Takes longer to make than you think (2.5-3h)
eggplant  flour  olive-oil  parmesan  mozzarella  tomato  garlic  italian  winter  recipe  for-cait 
december 2017 by amsone
Olive Oil Times - News, reviews and discussion
The world's #1 source for the latest olive oil news and information including health and nutrition, cooking with olive oil and reviews.
olive-oil  journalism 
november 2017 by CarmenAguilar
Mint Masala Roasted Chicken With Fennel and Potatoes - Lucky Peach
Don't make this as written. The water in the blender totally fucks up the paste (you strained it out) and the chicken is overdone before the potatoes are done. Take this spicing idea and use it with your own chicken teks.
mint  chile  garlic  lime  olive-oil  chicken  lemon  thyme  onion  fennel  potato  roasted  recipe 
march 2017 by amsone
Best Black Bean Soup Recipe - NYT Cooking
This is good even if you forget the oregano and sub some stout for wine. Also, the quick-lime-pickled onions are rad.

Don't bother pureeing the chipotles, just use the adobo directly.
chipotle  olive-oil  carrot  onion  garlic  jalapeño  black-beans  oregano  bay  vinegar  red-onion  lime  soup  american-mexican 
march 2017 by amsone

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