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How do you mark up an accordion?
I made a poll on Twitter the other day asking the #lazyweb how they would mark up an FAQ section — or a list of questions and their corresponding answers. I specifically asked for markup suggestions. Turns out, people mark questions and answers up differently. I got some interesting insight from the responses I got that partly changed the way I would approach building an FAQ section, and some validation for the way I always have built them. The discussion was too interesting to not summarize in an article. The different possible markup approaches as well as useful resources are discussed below.
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september 2018 by spaceninja
Not always pretty but they win. 'fashionedfootball.
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november 2017 by monty
RT : 「大らかLovelyオフィスの華☆お疲れ心身癒してあげる♪そんなOL未央ちゃんはいかがかな?」
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november 2017 by Sabas
Lists within lists - What am I doing wrong? | Codecademy
<li> Domestic Engineer</li>
<li>Servant of God</li>
<li> Entrepreneur</li>
<li>Blest Creations</li>
<li>Blest Enterprise</li>
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november 2017 by joebanks
Felicidades por ese premio a su compromiso social con la diversidad afectivo sexual
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september 2017 by Jaenero

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