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An Insider’s Take on API Strategy | Okta
"First, the good news:

98% of respondents said they had an API strategy in place
95% are planning to invest in APIs in the near future
28% said their strategies were already “successfully planned and implemented”
An additional 44% said their strategies were “likely to succeed”
But there’s some bad news too:

Only 36% said Security teams perform audits of their APIs
Only 4% said Product Managers approve the launching of their APIs
Only 8% of respondents said Engineering, IT, Security, and Product Management were all involved in API security
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2 days ago by earth2marsh
ldapsearch is your friend
ldapsearch -h ldaphostname -p 389 -x -b "dc=splunkers,dc=com"
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23 days ago by bmacauley
How to test a LDAP connection from a client - Server Fault
ldapsearch -x -b "uid=username,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com"
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23 days ago by bmacauley

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