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Nonesuch in OKC
Fun food writing about a very fine restaurant in an unlikely location
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Today is the last day to register to v…
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The deadline to register to vote in and is TODAY! So be sure to gather all…
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Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a cleaning service provider that has dedicated its resources over the years for the provision of high quality cleaning services. At Final Touch Commercial Cleaning, we understand that businesses need access to professional and reliable cleaning services. As such, we are ready to provide them with …
Final  Touch  Commercial  Cleaning  Company  in  Tulsa  Oklahoma 
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ICYMI @MattHurst
ICYMI: News and links you may have missed from me while you were out
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Teachers Just Purged Oklahoma’s Statehouse Of Their Enemies
For nearly a decade, Republican officials have been treating ordinary Oklahomans like the colonial subjects of an extractive empire. On Governor Mary Fallin’s watch, fracking companies have turned the Sooner State into the earthquake capital of the world; (literally) dictated policy to her attorney general; and strong-armed legislators into giving them a $470 million tax break — in a year when Oklahoma faced a $1.3 billion budget shortfall.

To protect Harold Hamm’s god-given right to pay infinitesimal tax rates on his gas profits (while externalizing the environmental costs of fracking onto Oklahoma taxpayers), tea party Republicans raided the state’s rainy-day funds, and strip-mined its public-school system.

Between 2008 and 2015, Oklahoma’s slashed its per-student education spending by 23.6 percent, more than any other state in the country. Some rural school districts were forced to adopt four-day weeks; others struggled to find competent teachers, as the GOP’s refusal to pay competitive salaries chased talented educators across the border into Texas. Students who were lucky enough to have both five-day weeks and qualified instructors still had to tolerate decaying textbooks. Polls showed overwhelming public support for raising taxes on the wealthy and oil companies to increase investment in education. GOP lawmakers showed no interest in those polls.
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Why DIY Isn't Always Best When Installing Wood Floors - Brucke Flooring in Tulsa - Brucke Flooring - Tulsa Hardwood Flooring
If your home is in need of professional hardwood flooring services, contact Brücke Hardwood Flooring in Tulsa, Oklahoma today!
If  your  home  is  in  need  of  professional  hardwood  flooring  services  contact  Brücke  Tulsa  Oklahoma  today! 
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Medical Marijuana Attorney - Bryan Garrett Personal Injury Law Firm in OKC
As Oklahoma has legalized medical marijuana, it is essential that both established companies and emerging entrepreneurs have an experienced attorney to guide them through understanding the maze of ordinances and newly enacted laws applicable to the industry.
Medical  Marijuana  Attorney  in  Oklahoma  City 
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