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FritzBox: Traffic aufzeichnen
Mit den Fritz!Box Routern von AVM kann man seinen kompletten DSL-Traffic aufzeichnen. Alle ankommenden und ausgehenden Pakete werden gesnifft. Mit dem Open Source Tool Wireshark kann man den Datenverkehr analysieren.
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What awesome news to wake up to. Thank you, . This is a fantastic recognition of the hard work of all of my col…
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Three Reasons NOT to Nationalize Facebook – Dru Oja Jay – Medium
Three Reasons NOT to Nationalize Facebook
(And one reason that can be ruled out)
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"Breaking Caste" wins an ONA for @ Online News Association Conference and Awards (ONA12)
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Journalists? They’re media masseurs, Andrew Jennings - British Journalism Review, Vol. 23, No. 2, 2012
There’s a private club of sports reporters who bring us the news and write about the Olympics. It is called the Olympic Journalists’ Association. Run your eye down the membership list and you’ll recognise many of the bylines from the sports pages, radio, television and the wires: Mihir Bose, David Bond, Paul Kelso and Ashling O’Connor – people who cover not just the Olympics, but also FIFA and the other international sports federations. But take a look at a membership list from 2009, the year before the last Winter Olympics, in Vancouver. Hang on a minute, here’s Jon Tibbs. He’s not a journalist. He’s a sports spin doctor out of Bell Pottinger and Hill & Knowlton, whose eponymous consultancy, JTA, offers “strategic brand-building and communications consultancy for clients in the international sports movement”. Tibbs has worked on Olympic Games bids by Athens, Beijing and Sochi, helped clean up reputations after the Salt Lake City Olympic bid sex-and-bribery scandal – 10 members of the
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Bernstein Meets Broadway - Video
The composer Leonard Bernstein once wrote that his now-famous "West Side Story" of 1957 included a plea for racial tolerance as materials reveal in the Bernstein Collection in the Music Division of the Library of Congress. This lecture traces Bernstein's composer-activism back to "On the Town" of 1944, which was his first Broadway show and grew out of a fruitful collaboration with Betty Comden, Adolph Green, and Jerome Robbins. Produced with a racially integrated cast during WWII, On the Town crossed race lines boldly, and it did so in an era when racial segregation held firm yet faced increasing resistance. In the historical literature about Broadway, the show's racial advances have been ignored. Fusing musical and cultural history, this lecture draws upon manuscripts for "On the Town" in the Bernstein Collection to explore political activism embedded in the show, as well as to consider Bernstein's early fascination with the blues.

Speaker Biography: Carol J. Oja is William Powell Mason Professor of Music at Harvard and on the faculty of its program in the History of American Civilization. Her "Making Music Modern: New York in the 1920s" (2000) won the Lowens Book Award from the Society for American Music and an ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award. She has also published "Copland and his World" (co-edited with Judith Tick) and "Colin McPhee: Composer in Two Worlds." She is past president of the Society for American Music, and she is currently completing a book tentatively titled "Bernstein Meets Broadway: Collaborative Art in a Time of War."
OJA 2011 Rules & Eligibility - Online News Association
.'s 2011 Online Journalism Awards are open for entries You should enter. It's good for your career.
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OJA 2011 Entry Forms - Online News Association
Do you produce news? Get the recognition you deserve. Enter 's Online Journalism Awards today:
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Online Videojournalism Awards Presented
Congrats to all winners of Online Journalism Awards, presented this weekend at a banquet in D.C. by the Online News Association.Per usual, all the videojournalism winners were showcased at the time of their original publication on KobreGuide to the Web's Best Videojournalism -- the place to catch award-winning work months before contest judges officially acclaim it!Online Video Journalism, Large SiteThe Toronto StarWilliam and the WindmillOnline Video Journalism, Medium SiteThe Las Vegas Sun and the Greenspun Media GroupBottoming OutOnline Video Journalism, Small SiteYale Environment 360Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal MiningOnline Video Journalism, StudentKnight Center for International Media, School of Communication, University of MiamiMy Story, My GoalThe student award went to fourteen University of Miami multimedia graduate students, who teamed with students from seven Knight Center for International Media partner schools in Africa and Asia "to tell stories that attempt to personalize the United Nations Millennium Development Goals." Working with Tom Kennedy, Knight Center Professional-in-Residence, each team found personal local stories that shed light and insight on critical global issues, including poverty, maternal health, environmental sustainability, universal education, gender equality, HIV AIDS and children's health. In addition to seven individual mini-documentaries on each of those topics, focusing on seven people from seven African and Asian countries, the project includes a 27-minute documentary, "This is My Goal" (pictured above).*****We previously posted a salute to OJA finalists here (9/29).To see all the OJA prizewinners in all categories, go here.
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