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Cataclean | Engine Cleaning Fuel Additives
Discover an array of fuel additives for lowering emissions, bringing down fuel consumption and restoring your engine to full health at Cataclean today.
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7 days ago by asaltydog
WD-40 Multi-Use Product: The Can With Thousands of Uses!
"WD-40" is abbreviated from the term "Water Displacement, 40th formula", suggesting it was the result of the 40th attempt to create the product. The spray, composed of various hydrocarbons, was originally designed to be used by Convair to protect the outer skin of the Atlas missile from rust and corrosion.
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7 days ago by asaltydog
Redex Fuel Additives
The Redex fuel additives have been developed with years of experience to help both petrol and diesel engines improve their performance and MPG.
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9 days ago by asaltydog
Stihl SynthPlus Chain Oil | Tools Today
DIY and Professional Tools Free UK Mainland Delivery on orders over £120* 100% Secure Online Shopping Over 35 Years Experience Expert Advice Home / Stihl…
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9 days ago by asaltydog
U.S. investigators to begin hunt for cause of Texas petrochemical disaster
HOUSTON (Reuters) - U.S. investigators hope this week for the first time to enter the site of a massive fuel fire and chemical spill outside Houston to begin the hunt for a cause and to determine whether the operator followed safety regulations.

The blaze, at Mitsui & Co's Intercontinental Terminals Co (ITC) storage facility in Deer Park, Texas, began March 17 and released toxic chemicals into the air and nearby waterways. Shipping along the largest oil port in the United States remained disrupted on Monday, as did operations at two nearby refineries.

Fumes from benzene-containing fuel and fear of another fire have prevented investigators from going into the tank farm's "hot zone," officials said Monday. Three tanks holding oils remain to be emptied this week, and responders continue to sop up fuels on the tank farm grounds.

Investigators from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) and Environmental Protection Agency, as well as state and local authorities, plan to enter the site once it is safe.

Access to the site, along the Houston Ship Channel, will help determine what happened and how a fire at one tank holding tens of thousands of barrels of naphtha spread quickly to 10 other giant tanks.
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18 days ago by dchas
Cleanup efforts are underway after an oil spill in Tumwater
Cleanup efforts are underway after an oil spill in Tumwater. It's the latest round of trouble for the property owners of the old Olympia Brewing Company.

The city says the oil comes from a damaged transformer, caused by someone stealing copper wire. The responsibility for the cleanup is falling on property owners, Tumwater Developers LLC , because Washington state law requires whoever owns the oil to clean up any spills.

On Wednesday, cleanup crews in hazmat suits worked in Tumwater Falls Park, wiping oil from rocks and soaking up oil from puddles along the Deschutes River.
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7 weeks ago by dchas
DuPont Teflon Non-Stick Dry-Film Lubricant Squeeze Bottle, 4 Oz.
Unique 100% dry-film Teflon coating and lubricant. Use on cutting surfaces such as saw blades, drill bits or on flat surfaces such as table saws. Works to lubricate tight tolerance gears or flat sliding surfaces such as treadmills.
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12 weeks ago by asaltydog
Shop | principecorsini.com
Nel cuore della Maremma Toscana, Tenuta Marsiliana, quasi 3000 ettari di campi, boschi, sorgenti, vigneti ed uliveti, deve il suo nome alla Bella Marsilia, rapita dal pirata turco Barbarossa e portata in dono al sultano di Costantinopoli.
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january 2019 by asaltydog

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